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Province Releases New Public Emergency Alerting App and Website

Wildfires, Tornados, Evacuations — Emergencies Can Happen Anytime

Today Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter and Fire Commissioner and Executive Director of Emergency Management and Fire Safety Duane McKay, launched the new SaskAlert mobile app and website to connect residents across the province with the information they need when an emergency strikes.

“We are encouraging all residents to download the SaskAlert app today to receive real-time information about emergencies as they unfold,” Reiter said.  “This app notifies residents so they can take immediate action to protect themselves and their families.”

Once the SaskAlert app is installed, iPhone and android smartphone users will be alerted to emergencies via a tone and notification on the home screen – even when the app is closed.  This way the app will put crucial emergency information directly into residents’ hands.

Residents can opt to receive emergency alerts for the entire province, for a particular community – including urban and rural municipalities and First Nations – or for multiple communities.  They can also choose to receive alerts for nearby areas when they are travelling in the province. is another tool where residents can access detailed information on emergencies as they progress. will house all information on current emergencies, and is a vital resource for helping residents protect themselves.

SaskAlert, the Government of Saskatchewan’s emergency public alerting program, also informs residents through any media outlets licensed to broadcast in Saskatchewan.

Emergency alerts may be issued for emergencies such as train derailments, tornadoes, plow winds, blizzards, wildfires, hazardous material spills, boil water advisories, road closures, evacuations or local emergency declarations.  Alerts are only issued for emergencies that could harm people or damage property.

Close to one-third of communities in the province have already signed up to use SaskAlert to issue emergency alerts on behalf of their residents.  The Government of Saskatchewan invites all communities to participate in this free and vital service.

Provincial ministries, Crowns and Agencies as well as Environment Canada may also issue emergency alerts.

SaskAlert is Saskatchewan’s contribution to a national emergency public alerting system.

Via: Government of Saskatchewan

Province Releases New Public Emergency Alerting App and Website Government Innovation  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

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