On October 1, 2016, Saskatchewan’s minimum wage will increase from $10.50 to $10.72 per hour. This will be the eighth increase to the minimum wage since 2007.

This increase will directly impact more than 23,000 minimum wage earners in Saskatchewan. More than half of minimum wage earners are under 25 years of age.

“Indexing the minimum wage means people don’t fall behind,” Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said. “This increase is just one way our Government helps low wage earners.”

The Government of Saskatchewan also offers other supports including a basic personal tax exemption, the child tax credit and the Saskatchewan Low Income Tax Credit. With these supports, Saskatchewan’s low income residents have the fourth-highest disposable income in Canada.

Saskatchewan’s legislation provides for an annual review based on changes to the consumer price index and the average hourly wage. Any changes to the minimum wage are announced by June 30. Changes take effect October 1.

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via Government of Saskatchewan – News Releases

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