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Communities in Bloom Judges Arrive August 14th, 2016

Communities in Bloom Judges Arrive August 14th, 2016 Business Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Community Communities in Bloom

It is official the Communities in Bloom Judges will be coming to evaluate Gull Lake on Sunday, August 14th Judges will be coming to evaluate our community and everything from the Cemetery to the Landfill will be judged. Last year, Gull Lake scored 4 blooms and was only 5 percentage points from scoring 5 blooms.

The Communities in Bloom Committee has been hard at work planning and executing some new initiatives to help improve last year’s score. This year the committee finished the Xeriscape Garden at the corner of Main Street and Conrad Avenue completing the downtown beatification projects. The Committee is also running the following contests:

  1. Street Banner Photo Contest: Gull Lake Communities In Bloom Committee is looking for photos, which showcase the great things about Gull Lake and the surrounding area. The photos will be used on 30” x 72” vinyl banners and hung throughout Gull Lake.
  2. Town Flag Design Contest: The Communities in Bloom Committee is seeking a design for a flag to represent Gull Lake. The successful design will incorporate the Town’s strengths, history and future to represent the community in the coming decades.
  3. Annual Communities in Bloom Competitions: Residents and local businesses are encouraged to enter one of its community competitions (Curb Appeal, Backyard, Floral Displays,, Vegetable Gardens, Business Flower Pot Competition, Non for Profit Flower Pot Competition.
  4. The Committee will also be replacing the commemorative sign at the Little Green on the Prairie Community Park.

The Committee also hopes to pick up some points for initiatives being taken by other Committees, Town Council, and Community Organizations:

  1. The Cemetery Committee has undertaken a grave/headstone cleaning program, and have been instrumental in getting a Columbariaum for the cemetery. The Town Council also authorized the removal of some of the Caragana bushes between the old and new sections. The Cemetery Committee has worked with Town Council on these and other cemetery initiatives, and our cemetery has never looked better.
  2. The Herritage Committee is focusing its efforts on having the roof of the shoe shop replaced.
  3. The Tourism Committee has done a great job reorganizing the museum and have hired a student allowing for regular operating hours during the season.
  4. The Gull Lake School and its new track will also help the Town score some extra points on this years’ evaluation.
  5. Residents of the town do a first-rate job keeping their grass cut and properties neat and tidy.
  6. Local Businesses have some noteworthy floral displays that add some life to our downtown and industrial areas.

The Communities in Bloom Program is all about community pride and participation. You can help just by keeping your yard neat and tidy. If you like, you can also volunteer to help the CIB Committee on the odd-job squad and help them complete a project. CIB is not all about flowers nor is it a major time commitment, and any help is greatly appreciated. For more information or to enter, call Mayor Campbell (306) 672-7499.

Gull Lake is competing against other communities in Saskatchewan that have a population close to our own. Let’s show that Gull Lake is #1 in the Province when it comes to community pride by doing our best to make our community look great! Let’s band together and do our best to beat last year’s score and shoot for 5 blooms!

Mayor Campbell


Communities in Bloom Judges Arrive August 14th, 2016 Business Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Community Communities in Bloom

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