Trip Hazards to be Removed from Town Sidewalks

Trip Hazards to be Removed from Town Sidewalks Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report


Last year, Town Council conducted a Needs Assessment Survey, which identified sidewalk conditions as a major concern for residents. In response to this concern Town Council, had Safe Sidewalks Canada conduct a survey on the condition of all the sidewalks in Gull Lake. The survey revealed that overall our sidewalks are in fairly good condition except for 1,074 sq meters that at some point will have to be replaced. The sidewalks also have a number of uneven surfaces that create potential tripping hazards for residents using the sidewalk.

While Council will look at creating a long-term plan on sidewalk repair and replacement, it will start this year by having all potential trip hazard removed from our sidewalks. Town Council has authorized Safe Sidewalks Canada to remove trip hazards from all sidewalks in the town. The total cost to repair all identified trip hazards will be $11,730.00. The work will start sometime in the next few weeks and will make our sidewalks safer for all of our residents.

Mayor Campbell

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  • Thank you for the update Mayor Campbell regarding the sidewalk repairs. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

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