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Communities In Bloom 2016 Evaluation Day Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Community Communities in Bloom

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Communities In Bloom 2016 Evaluation Day

Communities In Bloom 2016 Evaluation Day Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Community Communities in Bloom
Featured in the photo left to right: Sara Kuntz, Shelly Bryant, Ed Lowenberger, Bev Potter, Kathleen Sproat Mickelson, and Bonita Lundberg

This past Sunday, the Communities in Bloom Committee was pleased to welcome CIB Judges CIB Bonita Lundberg and Kathleen Sproat Mickelson. The day started at 9:00 AM with the Judges asking the Committee a variety of questions about the community. CIB Committee submits a Community Profile Book when entering the CIB program. The Profile Book helps judges by providing them with essential information they need to evaluate the community. The Judges were noticeably impressed with the Community Profile that was submitted this year, and gave some suggestions on information that could be added next year.

At 10:30 AM, Judges were taken on a downtown tour that included tours of the Seniors Hall, Swimming Pool, Xeriscape Garden, and Lyceum Theatre. At noon everyone went to Lilly’s Kitchen bar and grill for dinner.  After lunch the Judges were taken tothe Cemetery, Autumn House, Gull Lake Special Care Home, Gull Lake School Track and Field, Little Green on the prairie in the Park,  Green Power Ball Diamonds, Recreation Centre, Museum, CIB Competition Winners homes, and Landfill.
After the tours were done the Judges concluded their visit with a short wrap up session with the Committee, and the day ended at 4:00 PM. Now we will have to wait until October when the winning communities, and our Bloom Score will be announced.

While we will not receive our official results and evaluation until October, the Judges did have some positive things to say about Gull Lake. The Judges had good things to say about the following:

  • They commented on the work that volunteers did at the Senior’s Hall to restore the hardwood floors and wooden table.
  • They were impressed with the popularity of the Lyceum Theatre
  • The Cemetery they said was well maintained, and they were impressed with the Cemetery Committees Headstone/cover cleaning project.
  • Murals on the Curling Rink and the Little Green on the Prairie Park in addition received positive comments. They also provided some feedback on how the memorial tree program at the park could be improved.
  • They were impressed with the Recreation Complex Facilities and the Green Power Ball Park.
  • They seemed impressed with the number of community organizations and volunteers we have in the town.
  • The Landfill they felt was well maintained.
  • They said the Town was very neat and tidy and yards well maintained.
  • They also liked the downtown heritage signs on the buildings and the work being done to restore the Wong Guy Shoe Shop.
  • They were also pleased with Town Council’s decision to remove tripping hazards from town sidewalks.

The Communities in Bloom Program is all about community pride. The Town is not just evaluated on CIB Committee Projects, the entire town and all of its facilities are evaluated. The CIB Committee and Town Council are grateful for the efforts made by residents, businesses, volunteer groups/organizations and Town Crew that all help to make Gull Lake a Great Place to live!!

Blake Campbell

Communities In Bloom 2016 Evaluation Day Government GULL LAKE Town Beautification  Town Council Mayor's Report Community Communities in Bloom

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