Mayor Campbell Speaks at the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Fall Workshop

Today Councillor Ed Lowenberger and myself attended the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Fall Workshop. I was invited to speak at this years’ conference on how Recycling, and Waste Management works in Gull Lake. The presentation gave some history on how the current waste/recycle program came to be and how it works. I was pleased to share that Gull Lake has recycled 20.774 Tonnes of material in the first half of 2016.

I spoke about the partnership the Town has with the R.M. of Carmichael & R.M. of Gull Lake for single stream recycling bin in the industrial area. The 40-yard bin has been placed at the R.M. of Carmichael Office & Shop (located in Gull Lake) and is available for rural ratepayers as well as any Town residents.

The last part f the presentation dealt with the operation of the landfill and types of material allowedl. I touched on the challenges we face with the next pit having to be engineered and our desire to keep the current landfill operating, for as long as we can.

The conference was very informative and provided a good networking opportunity with other communities.

Mayor Campbell

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