Town Council to Start Strategic Planning in 2017

Town Council to Start Strategic Planning in 2017 Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report

Last year, Council conducted a “Community Needs Assessment Survey” to discover what residents would like to see happen in the future of our community. The Survey provided Council with valuable feedback regarding satisfaction levels of services delivered, and priorities’ residents are looking for Council to focus on. Council will take the information from the survey and other relevant information to develop a strategic plan.

The Town has contracted Saskatchewan based consultant Karyn Mossing to assist the Council with the development of the Strategic Plan. Karyn assisted Council with the “Community Needs Assessment Survey” completed last year.

The strategic planning process will take place early in the new year. The plan will provide a framework Council will use to develop an operational plan and budget to meet the present and future needs of our community. The final draft of the Strategic Plan will be shared with residents in April, and the Operational Plan will be finalized and approved by July, 2017. Council is very much looking forward to developing the plan and continued consultations with our residents.

Mayor Campbell

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