Gull Lake Ambulance Receives $1,990.25 From Donor’s Choice

Gull Lake Ambulance Receives $1,990.25 From Donor's Choice GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Gull Lake Ambulance Service

The Gull Lake Ambulance Service was very pleased to receive a cheque for $1,990.25 from the Donor’s Choice Appeal. The Gull Lake Ambulance Service spent approximately $10,000.00 of donations on medical supplies, equipment, and training staff so far in 2016.

Donations were used to purchase medical supplies and equipment will be used by staff that recently completed the  upgrade to the PCP 2011 National Occupational Competency Profile Standards. Staff members Dave Waiser, Roy Krogsgaard, and Paige Farr completed the upgrade course and have acquired some new skills. The skills include being able to initiate I.V. ‘s in the field when needed, and they have also received training in the administration of a few medicines used for specific medical emergencies in the field.

All donations made to the Gull Lake Ambulance Service are used to purchase medical supplies, equipment and train staff. The Ambulance Board and Staff wish to thank everyone who donated funds to this years’ Donors Choice Appeal.

Blake Campbell
Gull Lake Ambulance Service

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