First Responder Volunteers in Carmichael and RM of Webb


First Responder Volunteers in Carmichael and RM of Webb Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Gull Lake Ambulance Service

This year the Village of Carmichael and the RM of Webb were fortunate to have volunteers step forward and take the First-Responder Course. The Volunteers took a 40 hour First Responder course provided by the Cypress Health Region. The training they received taught them how to care for illnesses and injuries until ambulance personnel arrive. First Responders are dispatched to emergency calls via text message from 911 and respond with medical kits (provided by the Cypress Health Region) to the scene.

Congratulations to First-Responder Volunteers:

Bruce Martin (Carmichael)
Lisa Martin (Carmichael)
Clint Hnatiuk (Carmichael)
Maralyn Hantiuk (Carmichael)
Garry Larose (RM of Webb)

First Responders are a critical link in the prehospital care of patients in rural communities. They are the first trained people on the scene of a medical emergency able to render aid to seriously ill or injured patients. The Gull Lake Ambulance Service staff look forward to working with the First Responders in our service area.

Blake Campbell
Gull Lake Ambulance Service

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