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Town Council 2017 Committee Appointments

Town Council 2017 Committee Appointments Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report

Town Council annual Deputy Mayor and Council Committee appointments for 2017:

Deputy Mayor

Dwayne Lavoie

Council Committee Appointments
Gull Lake & Area Recreation Board Steve Haithwaite
Tim Temoshawsky
Dennis Leahy
Gull Lake Fire Committee Dwayne Lavoie
Mike Yates
Gull Lake Ambulance Corp. Nasser Zanidean
Ed Lowenberger (Alternate)
East View Court Steve Haithwaite
Blake Campbell
Gull Lake Airport Committee Nasser Zanidean
Gull Lake Tourism Committee Steve Haithwaite
Tim Temoshawsky
Ed Lowenberger
Cemetery Committee Dwayne Lavoie
Heritage Committee Mike Yates
Blake Campbell
Winterfest Committee Nasser Zanidean
Steve Haithwaite
Blake Campbell

Mayor: Blake Campbell

Town Council Begins Working on Strategic Planning

Town Council Begins Working on Strategic Planning Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report

Town Council met with Karen Mossing (Strategic Planning Facilitator) on January 18th to begin work on the Town’s strategic plan. Prior to the meeting, Karen took a tour around the town and stopped in at the Seniors Hall, Curling Rink, and some local businesses. She found the people very friendly and was impressed with our modern facilities and the businesses she stopped at during her brief tour.

During the planning session, Karen assisted Council in developing three essential elements of the Stratigic Plan. Council worked on establishing a set of Core Values (e.g., honesty, accountability, integrity, etc.) that accurately reflect our community’s values and will be used by Council when making important decisions. Time was also spent on the development of a mission statement for the town to define the values and goals of our community. Lastly, the Council reviewed the Community Needs Assessment to establish planning priorities for the next five years and longer. Residents have asked Council to focus on a number of top priorities, including streets, sidewalks, economic development all of which Council will be primarily focusing on in the plan.

Karen has taken the ideas and information provided by council to develop a draft of the strategic plan to be carefully reviewed by Council to provide appropriate feedback in a few weeks. The final review of the draft and completion of the plan will take place in April. Once completed the plan will be shared with residents to see and provide valuable feedback to Town Council.

The Council was very pleased with the work done in the session and looks forward to completing the plan in the coming months. The Strategic Plan will help us prepare for the future of our vibrant community by looking forward to in a positive and proactive manner.

Mayor Campbell

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