Building Debris Removal & Clean-up Tender

Building Debris Removal & Clean-up Tender GULL LAKE  Tender

The Town of Gull Lake is accepting tenders for building debris removal and clean-up of the property located on Lots 5-8, Block 1, Plan Q2639 – 439 Main Street – Gull Lake, SK (former Clarendon Hotel)

The Contractor shall perform all work required to completely remove all debris including all footings, slabs, foundations, remnants of the structure, ash, contaminated soil and other hazards upon the Land that resulted from the fire itself or from measures taken to combat the fire.  Disposal will be hauled to a certified landfill and may involve separation of materials.  The Town of Gull Lake will not allow disposal at the Gull Lake Landfill.  The resulting hole will be backfilled with clean material and properly graded.

A Site Assessment in accordance with the Saskatchewan Environmental Code Site Assessment and Corrective Action Plan Chapters will be required to ensure that there is no contamination.

Please provide date available and estimation of time to complete project.

Tenders to be submitted by February 10, 2017 to:  Town of Gull Lake, Box 150, Gull Lake, SK, S0N 1A0 or via email:

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