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Gull Lake Town Council Priorities 2017 SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Mayor's Report

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Gull Lake Town Council Priorities 2017

Strategic Planning

The Town Council will be meeting with Facilitator Karen Mossing next week to undertake the creation of a Strategic Plan for the Town. The plan will provide a framework Council will use to develop an operational plan and budget to meet the present and future needs of our community.

The first phase of the Strategic Plan was completed with the Community Needs Assessment that released in July 2015. Residents were asked a variety of questions about the services we provide, facilities, and priorities’ residents want the council to focus on. Council has acted on some of the priorities residents asked us to focus on but more needs to be done and the Strategic Plan will help see these projects to completion.

Priorities’ residents said they would like council to focus on included the following:

Street Paving

The Town has contracted the engineering  firm Walker Projects to put out tenders for this years street paving. Council will spend approximately $450,000 this year in paving streets.

Dangerous Goods/ Heavy Truck Route

Last year, Town Council partnered with the RM of Gull Lake in the creation of the Gull Lake Bypass. Council is still waiting for the Department of Highways to sign the bypass as a Dangerous Goods Route.

The purpose of the Bypass is not to deter heavy trucks that have business to conduct in the town. It was developed to to offer trucks that have no business to conduct in town an alternate route rather than travel through town.   A number of heavy trucks however continue to use the route through town as a shortcut. Council will be exploring options to help encourage these trucks to use the bypass rather than travel through town.

North Water Well

Council will be considering adding an extra well at the towns north well. The second well will provide a backup source to our main water supply in the event of a pump or well problem with the existing well.

Future of the Landfill

Council needs to decide if the town will continue to dig future trenches or look at putting in a transfer station. Future trenches require a Permit to Construct and Approval from the Ministry of the Environment under The Environmental Management and Protection Act 2010. This involves an engineered site assessment and design plan, which may lead to the installation of seepage barrier systems, groundwater monitoring systems, and leachate collection and management systems.

The costs for this process will be significant. The current trench was dug in 2014 at a cost of $12,000.00. The next trench will see costs increase significantly as a site assessment alone could reach $45,000.00 and costs could easily approach $100,000. Council will have to look at the most economical solution for operating the landfill.  Unfortunately, the future operational costs to operate the landfill will increase significantly regardless of the option Council chooses.

It is the preference of the Council to decide this year on the future of the landfill to be implemented next year. To that end, Council will be exploring options for lengthening the life of the current pit to allow for the change to take place next year.

Community Plan

Council will be putting on the Final touches of our Community Plan, and it will be shared with the public later this year for input. The community plan allows the town to plan and prepare for future growth and development.

Economic Development

Economic Development will also a priority for Council during this term of Council. With the loss of the Clarendon Hotel and upcoming vacancy of the Liquor Board Store Building, we need to look at putting a committee and plan together to help attract buisness to our community.

Advisory Committees

Event Planning Committee

The Event Planning Committee has been busy planning for Winterfest 2017. The annual Family Event plans to be one of the best Winterfest Event’s we have had so far.

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee will be looking at continuing with exterior renovations of the Wong Guy Shoe Shop. The Committee will also be spending some time identifying other potential heritage properties in the town.

Cemetery Committee

Will continue with the beautification and restoration of the cemetery.

Council Minutes are frequently added to the Town Website in order to give residents an opportunity to follow the business of Council. We also encourage residents to provide any constructive feedback they would like to by filling out our Resident/Visitor Feedback contact form.

Mayor Campbell

Gull Lake Town Council Priorities 2017 SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Mayor's Report

4 Replies to “Gull Lake Town Council Priorities 2017”

  1. edna thoreson

    it would be really nice if grain trucks could use the by-pass the weight when full is breaking up our main street — what can be done to get them to use the by pass!!!!!

    • Town of Gull Lake

      Council will continue to explore options to help encourage trucks using the route through town as a shortcut to use the bypass. However, any decisions that involve signage require Department of Highways approval, and it takes time to obtain approval for these types of requests.

      Mayor Campbell

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