Town Council 2017 Committee Appointments

Town Council annual Deputy Mayor and Council Committee appointments for 2017:

Deputy Mayor

Dwayne Lavoie

Council Committee Appointments
Gull Lake & Area Recreation Board Steve Haithwaite
Tim Temoshawsky
Dennis Leahy
Gull Lake Fire Committee Dwayne Lavoie
Mike Yates
Gull Lake Ambulance Corp. Nasser Zanidean
Ed Lowenberger (Alternate)
East View Court Steve Haithwaite
Blake Campbell
Gull Lake Airport Committee Nasser Zanidean
Gull Lake Tourism Committee Steve Haithwaite
Tim Temoshawsky
Ed Lowenberger
Cemetery Committee Dwayne Lavoie
Heritage Committee Mike Yates
Blake Campbell
Winterfest Committee Nasser Zanidean
Steve Haithwaite
Blake Campbell

Mayor: Blake Campbell

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