New Signs Installed for Gull Lake Bypass along #1 and #37 Highways

The Department of Highways recently installed new Gull Lake Bypass signs along the #1 and #37 highways. The addition of the Dangerous Goods signs will help to reduce the number of trucks carrying hazardous materials through the town. The establishment of the Dangerous Goods Route was listed as a priority concern by residents in the Community Needs Assessment completed in 2015. The Town of Gull Lake and the RM of Gull Lake partnered together to establish the Dangerous Goods designation to the Gull Lake Bypass.

Town Council will be asking the Department of Highways for improvements to be made at the “Pedestrian Crosswalk” located on Proton and second. The cross walk currently has no signs and the paint that was put down for the crosswalk has been worn off. RCMP have also been requested to increase enforcement of the four-way stop, and of vehicles speeding along the truck route in town.

Council will be requesting another official heavy truck count later this year to see what impact the route has had in reducing the number of semi trucks through town.

Mayor Campbell

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