Gull Lake Rink Board Elimination Lottery

Gull Lake Rink Board Elimination Lottery GULL LAKE  Gull Lake Recreation Complex Events

In conjunction with the Travellin’ Band Cabaret, the Rink Board is running an elimination lottery. Tickets are $20 each and are available at the Town of Gull Lake office and Innovation Credit Union. Tickets will also be available the night of the cabaret until the first set break.

Prize is a guaranteed $500, but will grow way larger as ticket sales boom! Draws will be made between Travellin’ Band sets. The ticket holders of the numbers drawn are eliminated from winning the lottery. The last ticket standing takes home the pot, which is half of the ticket sales. There is also the option to split the money with the last few people in the draw, but all remaining participants must be in agreement.

The winning ticket must be present to claim their prize, so if you would still like to support the rink but can’t make it to the cabaret, ship your ticket with someone else whom you deem trustworthy.

Buy your tickets to support the rink!

Gull Lake Rink Board

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