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Gull Lake School "Pie in the Face" Silent Auction Education GULL LAKE  Community

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Gull Lake School “Pie in the Face” Silent Auction

Have you ever wanted to toss a pie at someone? Does your younger child long to be able to get back at their older sibling? To celebrate Pi Day, ACTION club is having a pie bake sale and we have organized a “Pie in the Face” Silent Auction in support of our charity goals this year.

Pie will be sold at noon on March 14th for $3.00 a slice and is open to all K-12 students, and the “Pie throw” will be at 1:00 that day. Most of the Grade 12s and a few staff members have volunteered to take one in the face for charity! Stop at the office to place your bid or to check and see if you are still the highest bidder! Bidding is open to all staff, students or parents!!

Put your money where their mouth is! Let’s take it in the face for charity!

Via: Gull Lake School

Gull Lake School "Pie in the Face" Silent Auction Education GULL LAKE  Community

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