A Message for all Chinook Regional Library Users

A message for all Chinook Regional Library users:

As you may have heard by now, the current provincial budget presented on 22 March 2017 has resulted in significant cutbacks to regional library funding throughout Saskatchewan. We are very disappointed that Education Minister Don Morgan has cut about 60% of the provincial funding to our region, and at this time, we are uncertain what will become of our 32 rural public libraries and 14 corner libraries in Southwestern Saskatchewan.

The small rural communities throughout our region depend on our public libraries for Internet access to online banking, as well as access to online government services and for submitting online job application to businesses.

In addition, we provide a variety of inclusive programs and learning opportunities for all ages and abilities in our library facilities. Last year in the Chinook region, we circulated almost 300,000 items, issued 1,200 new library cards, and 664 local children read 8,000 books and participated in 92 free library event with the TD summer reading club. None of this would have been possible without the “brick and mortar libraries” that Minister Don Morgan thinks the current government should no longer support.

On behalf of the more than 100 employees of Chinook Regional Library, we encourage you to contact your local town council and your local MLAs, to let them know how much you value saving your rural library services. Information regarding local MLAs is available online: http://www.legassembly.sk.ca/mlas/current-mlas-print-version or alternatively, please contact us directly and we will forward your concerns to the Provincial Librarian.

Dr. Jean McKendry,
Director, Chinook Regional Library
306 773-3186

Source: Chinook Regional Library

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