Commemorative Plaque to be Placed at the Cenotaph

Commemorative Plaque to be Placed at the Cenotaph Government GULL LAKE  Mayor's Report Gull Lake Legion

Last year Council received a request from Mr. Tom Frook to proclaim August 9th of each year, “Captain Keith Mirau Day” in the Town of Gull Lake. Captain Mirau was killed in a Syrian missile strike in 1974 along with 8 other airmen. It was because of this tragedy that the National Peacekeepers’ Day came into being. The proclamation was made last year proclaiming August 9th of each year as, “Captain Keith Mirau Day” in Gull Lake.

Earlier this year, Town Council consulted with the Gull Lake Legion about placing a commemorative plaque at the Cenotaph with the proclamation engraved on it. Town Council has approved the purchase of the plaque, and it will be placed in the Cenotaph in time for, “Captain Kieth Miaru Day.”

On Captain Kieth Miaru Day all citizens are called upon to recognize the efforts of all those who serve our country with honour.

Mayor Campbell

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