The Gull Lake Cemetery Potter’s Field Memorial Plaque Installed Today

The Gull Lake Cemetery Potter's Field Memorial Plaque Installed Today GULL LAKE  Gull Lake Cemetery Committee


The Gull Lake Cemetery Committee was very pleased to see the “Potter’s Field” plaque installed today at the Gull Lake Cemetery. “Potters Field” is a place in the cemetery where unknown or indigent people are buried. The Cemetery Committee had the memorial plaque made to ensure that those who rest in Potters Field are never forgotten.

The Committee would like to thank the following:

  • Bud Cates from Swift Current Monumental for donating the stand for the plaque.
  • Tim Kalinowski for providing the wording for the plaque.
  • The Town Crew Doug Vold and Felix Ewen for helping with the installation of the plaque.

The committee would also like to thank those who have made donations to the Cemetery ensuring projects such as the Plaque are possible.

Gull Lake Cemetery Committee

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