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The "Captain Keith Mirau Day" Ceremony at the Gull Lake Cenotaph Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Gull Lake Legion Events Community

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The “Captain Keith Mirau Day” Ceremony at the Gull Lake Cenotaph

Approximately 40 people attended the official unveiling of the “Captain Keith Mirau Day” plaque this afternoon at the Gull Lake Cenotaph. The Ceremony started at 3 pm and was led by Legion President Gordon Kozroski. The Ceremony concluded with the unveiling of the plaque and a wreath laying by Gordon Kozroski. After the ceremony, all those in attendance were invited to the Seniors Hall for Tea and Coffee.

I had the privilege of speaking on how Town Council came to proclaim August 9th Captain Keith Mirau Day and on the special importance of the plaque. In my speech, I read the letter Tom Frook wrote Council last year asking Council to consider proclaiming August 9th “Keith Mirau Day.” I also read a message of heartfelt appreciation received from the family of Keith Mirau thanking all those involved in the making of the proclamation. I ended my speech with a reading of the official proclamation.

I was very pleased to meet Keith Mirau’s brother Neil Mirau who traveled to Gull Lake today to attend the event. Reporters from the Prairie Post and the Southwest Booster were at the event covering the ceremony. Swift Current Online and Golden West Radio also reported on the event earlier this morning.

Mayor Campbell

The "Captain Keith Mirau Day" Ceremony at the Gull Lake Cenotaph Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Gull Lake Legion Events Community

One Reply to “The “Captain Keith Mirau Day” Ceremony at the Gull Lake Cenotaph”

  1. Neil Mirau

    Heather and I were able to make to the unveiling yesterday and I would like to once again say a sincere thank you to Mayor Campbell and Town Council for your work and the day yesterday. Also special thanks to Gordon Kozroski and members of the Gull Lake Legion for their efforts and wonderful ceremony and to all our friends who came out yesterday and to those who couldn’t make it, but let us know they were thinking of Keith and family. Also again a big thanks to Tom Frook and Gale Buck for their efforts and the folks that helped organize the event and tea afterward. You have our gratitude. It reminds me that despite not living in Saskatchewan for about 800 years (as Gerry Sells said), I am still a Gull Lake (old) boy and always will be.
    Thanks everyone from the Mirau family.
    Neil Mirau

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