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Town of Gull Lake adopts Safe Places – Youth Certified GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Community

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Town of Gull Lake adopts Safe Places – Youth Certified

The Swift Current Safe Places Committee and the City of Swift Current are honoured to join the Town of Gull Lake in announcing that Gull Lake Town Council has adopted Safe Places – Youth Certified for their community.

“Gull Lake is the first community to officially adopt the Swift Current Safe Places initiative,” said Tim Marcus, Swift Current Chief Administrative Officer and Safe Places Committee Member. “We want to both congratulate and thank Mayor Blake Campbell and Gull Lake Town Council for this significant step.”

The Town of Gull Lake will now begin the process of implementing Safe Places in their community, with assistance from the Swift Current Safe Places Committee.

“We had the opportunity to receive a presentation from the Swift Current Safe Places team, and we really appreciated what they are doing there,” said Mayor Campbell. “This is an opportunity to work with a regional partner with the goal of making our communities safer places for our young residents. We’re very excited to get to work on this implementation process.”

As is the case in Swift Current, residents of Gull Lake – particularly those who come into contact with youth – can anticipate a push from Town Council to become Youth Certified.

“Many of our community members volunteer with kids locally as well as in Swift Current,” continued Campbell. “One of the aspects of Safe Places that we really appreciate is that it’s a portable certification, so our residents who become Youth Certified here in Gull Lake will have their credentials recognized in Swift Current.”

For his part, Swift Current Mayor Denis Perrault is proud to see Safe Places growing in the right direction.

“We’re very grateful to Mayor Campbell and Town Council for their support of Safe Places. We recently hit 1,000 certified individuals here in Swift Current, and now to see another community officially stand with us like this is just incredible,” said Perrault. “We hope other communities in our region, in our province and in our country follow Gull Lake’s example and join us in this initiative.”

Echoing Mayor Perrault’s remarks, the Swift Current Safe Places Committee is excited to see continued growth in the initiative, and urges interested communities, businesses and organizations to reach out for more information and to arrange a presentation.

“We’re asking communities to hear our story,” said Marcus. “We are confident that once you do, and once you understand how straightforward and streamlined this initiative is, you will be convinced that Safe Places is right for your community.”

The Safe Places Committee wants to remind interested individuals to visit for more information on this community initiative.


For more information, please contact:

Mayor Blake Campbell
Town of Gull Lake

Michael Boutilier
Communications & Stakeholder Relations
City of Swift Current

Town of Gull Lake adopts Safe Places – Youth Certified GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Community

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