Saskatchewan Hometowns Welcome Provincial Strategy on Climate Change

Saskatchewan Hometowns Welcome Provincial Strategy on Climate Change SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan hometowns, as represented by the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), resolved earlier this year to lead on carbon reduction strategies.  SUMA and our members welcome the Government of Saskatchewan’s strategy on climate change, released this week.

“At Convention 2017, our members clearly acknowledged the leadership role of Saskatchewan towns, cities, villages, and northern communities,” said SUMA President Gordon Barnhart. “SUMA members play a vital role in climate change adaptation, from resilient infrastructure to energy efficiency, and finding innovations to green our municipal operations.”

After a resolution at our annual convention in February, SUMA began tracking members green efforts. Our website currently lists more than 30 projects, such as:

• retrofitting municipal buildings for energy efficiency;
• renewing contaminated sites in energy efficient ways;
• using solar power for facilities and new revenue streams;
• converting landfill gas into a power source; and
• aligning asset management plans with green goals.

“These examples show that SUMA and our members recognize how important adaptation is,” said President Barnhart. “They also highlight the importance of working with our neighbours and other orders of government on planning and funding. We look forward to consultations with the provincial government to create a plan that works for
everyone, and to help hometowns access infrastructure funding for adaptation.”

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