Gull Lake Gets a New Ambulance

Gull Lake Gets a New Ambulance GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Mayor's Report Gull Lake Ambulance Service

Yesterday a new ambulance arrived at the Gull Lake Emergency Services Hall. The unit is a 2017 Ford F450 equipped with a V10 gas engine was purchased from Demers Ambulances in Saskatoon for $154,000.00.

The new unit has a sharp look especially the “Gull Lake EMS” decals located on the windows of the passenger side and rear doors of the patient compartment. The LED scene lights also offer better lighting for EMS Staff when responding to accidents at night. The driver’s compartment emergency light switches layout are well-organized and easily accessible to the driver. The Gull Lake Ambulance Board and Staff would also like to thank Holizki Electric for donating the dashboard camera.

The new unit has significantly more room in the patient compartment for staff to work, and ample storage cabinets for medical supplies. There are a number of exterior storage cabinets that allow for additional storage of equipment. Heat and cooling vents located along the driver’s side of the compartment allow for greater comfort of the patient compartment. The hydraulic lift used for loading and unloading the large main oxygen tank makes changing the cylinder much easier.

Congratulations to the Gull Lake Ambulance Board and Staff on the purchase of the new ambulance and thanks for the important service you provide to our community.


Blake Campbell

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