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Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre Update Education GULL LAKE  Kreative Kidz Early Learning Center Community

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Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre Update

There will be a Work Bee on July 14th at 11am – 3pm at the new facility. We are requiring the old linoleum to be torn out prior to the new floor being installed (tentatively July 30th). As of now the top layer has been torn out, and my back hurts so your help is GREATLY appreciated!!

What is left is the glued down paper on our subfloors that needs to come up. If you are available to help please bring:
-paint scraper
-heat gun

Thank you in advance!

Overall update:

We are in Phase 3 of completing the new facility and this has been made possible by all of the financial support from our community – so thank you! Our tentative schedule as of now is as follows:

1) Swift Plumbing needs to come back to change out the mechanical system that they put in to be the proper mechanical system(Residential was installed however we require Commercial – financing for these changes we are trying to work out with Swift Plumbing as it will cost $10,000 however they were the ones who installed the wrong system so we as a Board are currently working on that!;
2) Hilmoe Interiors will start to board up the upstairs now, and once the mechanical discrepancy is corrected, will be able to board up and install the drop ceiling in the basement;
3) July 7th my dad, Maverick Holmes and myself will be insulating the attic;
4) Once drywalling is complete, Rhonda Bradley as graciously donated to paint for us! My dad, Jason Migneault has also volunteered to help with this task as the timeline could/will be tight.
5) Warehouse Flooring will begin installing flooring July 30th – August 8th.
6) Once all of this is completed Desi and Bernie Donahoe will be able to finish off the installation of the Kitchen, trim board, etc.

Our goal is to be in by September 1st!

We will still be requiring landscaping and fencing to be done for our wonderful children of the Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre to be able to play outside. If you or your organization wish to help with any of the above please let me know as we appreciate all help and support being provided!

Thanks again to our amazing community and surrounding area!

Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre

Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre Update Education GULL LAKE  Kreative Kidz Early Learning Center Community

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