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New Crosswalk Established at the Gull Lake School

Today the Town Crew installed signs to alert drivers of the presence of the new crosswalk on Kings Avenue on the west entrance of the school. The crosswalk has been added at the request of the Student Community Council to make crossing the street safer for school children. Town Council has also asked the RCMP to patrol the school when possible to encourage parents dropping off children to avoid parking in the crosswalk or no-parking zone.

The SCC is exploring the possibility of establishing a crossing guard program to help children cross the street. In the meantime, Town Council and the SCC encourage parents to watch for kids using the crosswalks. Furthermore, we would ask parents picking up and dropping off kids at the school to avoid parking in the no-parking zones. The crosswalks and no parking zones have been established to ensure the safety of our school children.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mayor Campbell

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