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Advisory Committee Volunteer Opportunities for 2019 Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Community

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Advisory Committee Volunteer Opportunities for 2019

The Town of Gull Lake is very fortunate to have many residents who volunteer their time to help make our community a better place to live. Town Council has a number of Advisory Boards and committees that help the Council actively promote and strengthen our community. Whether you have lived in Gull Lake for many years or just moved to town, we can use your help. Below are some committees currently looking for volunteers.

Cemetery Committee:

The committee helps promote and encourage the enjoyment and appreciation of the Cemetery; It Identifies opportunities for the enhancement of the Cemetery; It Assists in the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the Cemetery grounds; In a well-planned and respectful manner.

The committee has done a great job with cleaning grave covers and headstones. They have also provided advice to the council that has led to a number of significant improvements to the cemetery, including a map, benches, and columbarium.

For more information or to join call Mayor Campbell (306) 672-7499.

Economic Development Committee:

The Committee, makes recommendations to Council, on matters that will foster and enhance business retention and expansion into the community.

The committee has undertaken a number of important initiatives to greatly improve the local economy for existing businesses and attract new ones. The committee was instrumental in having Gull Lake participate in the Thrive Sask Program developed by SEDA. A few of the important projects the committee is currently working on include exploring opportunities for the Warren’s Funeral Home such as Professional Business Space, Share Marketplace, or Thrift Store. The committee is also looking at developing new sign corridors along the #1 and #37 highways, Spring Market and Summer Solstice Event.

If you have ideas on how we can improve our local economy this is the committee for you. For more information or to join call our (Economic Development Officer) Lindsay (306-741-3775).

Heritage Committee:

The Heritage Committee is responsible to make recommendations to the Council regarding the restoration of the Wong Guy Shoe Shop Heritage property. The committee will identify and evaluate properties and artifacts in the Town of Gull Lake, which have historical value and recommend action to the Council. It will also advise the Town Council on community heritage issues, and actions needed to preserve these sites. It undertakes information projects, community education and fundraising events in support of historic preservation, and researches properties deemed valuable.

Currently, the committee is actively involved in restoring the Wong Guy Shoe Shop. Once restored the Heritage Committee will work with the Economic Development Committee to find a useful purpose for the building.

For more information or to join call Mayor Campbell (306) 672-7499.

Gull Lake Housing Authority Local Board Appointment

The Gull Lake Local Housing Board works with the Saskatchewan Housing Board to provides safe, affordable, independent living housing opportunities for low-income seniors. The Town is responsible to appoint individuals to the committee on an as-needed basis, and all appointees are approved by the Saskatchewan Housing Authority.

For more information or to join call Mayor Campbell (306) 672-7499.

Recreation Advisory Committee

The Recreation Advisory Committee has a broad mandate to advise Town Council on what the community needs in terms of recreational programs and facility improvements. The Recreation Advisory Committee is comprised of residents who are actively involved in recreation and are a tremendous benefit to our community.

If you have great recreation ideas and are willing to roll up your sleeves to achieve them, fill out a (RAC Application)! You can email your application to

Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee promotes the development and performance of Tourism for the Town of Gull Lake. The committee also oversees the operation of the Gull Lake Museum and Campground.

The committee generates money from campground operations that it can invest back into community ideas and events that draw people to Gull Lake. This committee has been very active in the community supporting events such as the Summer Solstice, Winterfest, and Hockey Day Events.

For more information or to join call Mayor Campbell (306) 672-7499.

Mayor Campbell


Advisory Committee Volunteer Opportunities for 2019 Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Mayor's Report Community

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