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Curling Rink Board Thanks Donors for Adopting Rocks

Well, it’s official, All of our rocks have now been adopted!
The board would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has adopted a rock. We are so fortunate to have a very supportive community!
If you have not confirmed your name that you would like on the rock with Steph, she will be contacting you (or give her a call at 306-671-7844).

1. In Memory of Murray Benjamin
2. Kelsey Waker
3 Nolan Waker
4. Karlah Rae Rudolph & Dan Bowler
5. Taylor Dutton
6. Taylor Dutton
7. Gene Grimes. Love June & Family
8. Gull Lake & District Kinette Club
9. Gerald & Donna Ericksteen
10. Jan & Tim Dutton
11. Jan & Tim Dutton
12. Town of Gull Lake
13. Garden Head Farms Ltd (Kyle Reed)
14. Holizki Electric
15. Collette Chalifour Jones & Barry Jones
16. Rose & Harold Dutton
17. Bev & Ken Dutton
18. Ernie & Marj Head
19. Buster & Jane Winquist
20. Karen Turton & Lance Allen
21. Marie Kettner, Evan Broberg & Nick Broberg
22. Kim Holizki & Joe Holizki
23. Kim Holizki & Joe Holizki
24. Russ (Rooster) Jewitt Webb, SK
25. Gull Lake School
26. Gull Lake School
27. Cal Gietz
28. Collier Bros Farms Ltd
29. Collier Bros Farms Ltd
30. Janice Appleyard
31. Lance Sommer & Leland Sommer
32. Ernie Sommer & Cindy Dong
33. Brian & Jan Broberg
34. Brian & Jan Broberg
35. Al Countryman
36. SWT
37. SWT
38. Gerry Sells
39. Gerry Sells
40. Brad White Agventures Ltd
41. Tessa & Lane Evenson
42. Braden & Diana Ruetz
43. Stephanie Sells
44. George & Janine Vaughan
45. Mark Kettner
46. Mark Kettner
47. Brad & Maryan Service
48. Brad & Maryan Service
49. Greg & Joanne Ruetz
50. Margaret Chalifour
51. Jordan Retzlaff
52. Debbie & Jack Fenwick
53. Ted & Wendy Sells
54. Ryan Service
55. Tim & Lana Brown
56. Rob Toney
57. Wendy Toney
58. Gull Lake Elks
59. Gull Lake Elks
60. Lois Thienes
61. Braiden Leppa
62. RM of Carmichael #109
63. RM of Webb #138
64. RM of Gull Lake #139

Source: Gull Lake and District Curling Rink

Curling Rink Board Thanks Donors for Adopting Rocks GULL LAKE  Gull Lake & District Curling Rink

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