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Baby's Got B.A.K.K Wins Social Distancing Together Scavenger Hunt GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Covid-19 Community

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Baby’s Got B.A.K.K Wins Social Distancing Together Scavenger Hunt


5: age, in months, of the youngest participant

74: age, in years, of the oldest participant

2570: number of photos submitted

29: number of teams that competed (plus more that just played for fun!)

15: number of teams that got all 318 pts by submitting all 100 photos

5: number of blocks Sam Glenn followed the AM delivery driver to get a photo

3: number of AM delivery photos waiting for me in the app after Sam’s text prompted me to check in on the progress

26: number of minutes after Sam got her photo that Kim Holizki phoned me laughing to tell me about her conversation with the AM delivery dispatcher (who, by the way, she phoned to see if there were any scheduled deliveries in GL that day 😆). Turns out that the dispatcher had recently received a call from a very concerned driver because she was been followed around town by MULTIPLE vehicles. The dispatcher told the driver to make sure her doors were locked.

1: number of threatening bitmojis I received from Ally Stusrud, who was displeased that I declined so many of the Stusrud family’s photos. I also declined a photo from Steph and received a redo that included her giving me the finger. Maybe it’s a family thing?

4: number of hours that J.T. from Scavr tech support worked on updating the app so the volume of photos being submitted wouldn’t crash the site.

1737126415846: average number of steps I imagine each team took over the course of the hunt.

1: number of families who completed a large majority of the tasks wearing monkey onesies

3: number of alley toilets located in Gull Lake

Congratulations to 2 Old Farts (Jeanette and Al Kuntz), Baby’s Got B.A.K.K (Kole, Kayla, Bohdi and Adley Klassen), Team Bye (Callie and Karen Bye), The Fantastic Four (Steve, Jen, Kaydence and Cohen Haithwaite), The Girodat Squad (Barb, Delaney, Reece and Carter Girodat), The Holizki Coronitas (Kim, Joe, Tianna and Jalayna Holizki), Nacho Average Squad (Jessica, Richie and Carter Bleau), The Ortons (Kendra, Jesse and Eve Orton), Other Team Orton (Carla, Reg and Abby), Saal (Sam Glenn and Alyssa Cote), Straight Off the Couch (Hailie and Faye Logan), The Stusrud Fam (Aimee, Brett, Riss and Ally Stusrud), The Mitchells (Shannon, Zach, Luke and Gavin Mitchell), The Neighbours (Carla, Josh, Eric and Kale Benjamin and Karen Turton), and The Sells Cats (Steph, Ted and Wendy Sells) for completing all of the tasks! I entered all of your names in a random spinning wheel and….

Baby’s Got B.A.K.K. are the lucky winners! They will receive a basket of their favourite things from Country Ty’s Gift Shop, courtesy of Gull Lake RAC and Country Ty’s.

Thanks to everyone who participated! You made the hunt a ton of fun.

Gull Lake: Social Distancing Together

Baby's Got B.A.K.K Wins Social Distancing Together Scavenger Hunt GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Covid-19 Community

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