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Important Recycling Notice for Residents


March 1,2018

Dear: Valued Customers

We have been advised by our recycle plant, that they can no longer accept Plastic Film. What we have
been told plastic film is (any stretchy type of plastic and the below-listed items)

  • Plastic bags (Bread bags, sandwich bags)
  • food wrap (Saran or cling wrap)
  • cellophane wrapping or packaging.
  • grocery bags

Where Canadian plastic was shipped to, is no longer accepting these types of plastic. So, until there is another
market for this, we ask that you do not place this in your recycle totes and bins.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office and we will gladly help you.

Fax 306-672-4427

Gull Lake Participating in the Thrive Sask Program

The Gull Lake Economic Development Committee made its first recommendation to Town Council. At the last meeting of the EDC, the group looked at the Thrivesask Program offered by the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association.  The Committee passed a resolution asking Council to enroll in the program.

“ThriveSask draws from elements of the Main Street Program which has been successful in revitalizing communities in Canada and the United States over the past 35 years. ThriveSask encourages communities to take steps to enact long-term change, while also implementing short-term, inexpensive and placed-based activities that support the local business sector and create a sense of enthusiasm and momentum about the community. “

Council reviewed the program agrees it will be a good fit for our community and will help us meet our economic and sustainability goals. A motion was passed by Council and the Town will be participating in the program. ThriveSask Facilitators will start the program with a workshop sometime in April.

Mayor Campbell

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