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Town Council Approves New Business Tax Incentive

Town Council Approves New Business Tax Incentive Business Economic Development GULL LAKE  Town Council Small Business Mayor's Report

Town Council has approved a new business tax incentive for entrepreneurs who purchase a vacant commercial building to set up a business.

New Business Vacant Commercial Property:

Persons or Corporations, who purchase a building which has been vacant, and open and operate a new business in that building, shall receive the following abatements:

100% exempt in year one

50% exempt in year two

25% exempt in year three

Full taxation in year four

This exemption does not apply to the sale of an existing business or relocation of an existing business.

For more information on tax incentives available for Commercial and Residential property see our Development Page.

Mayor Campbell

Shop Local Contest

Shop Local Contest Business Economic Development GULL LAKE  Small Business

The Gull Lake Economic Development Committee is sponsoring a “Shop Local Contest.” The contest will run from June 21, 2018, to August 21st, 2018. Pick up your shop local contest card at the Town Office or any participating business. Each time you shop local you will earn a stamp, and once you have six stamps you can submit your postcard for your chance to win a prize. You can submit multiple cards to increase your chances of winning.

Share your #GLLOCAL Experience on Social Media and Tag the Town of Gull Lake!

Gull Lake Economic Development Commmittee


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