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Sask.’s wage increases lead all other provinces

Sask.'s wage increases lead all other provinces

Saskatchewan led the country in wage increases in March, with average weekly earnings rising 5.5 per cent compared to the previous year, according to Statistics Canada. Saskatchewan’s increase was the highest among the provinces and well above the 3.1 per cent national average.

Non-farm payroll jobs increased 2.7 per cent in the province, the second highest increase among provinces, and above the national average of 1.2 per cent.

“This is a major contributor to the economic momentum we’ve had in Saskatchewan,” Economy Minister Bill Boyd said.  “It’s great news all around that leads to higher spending and higher consumer confidence.”

In March 2013, average weekly earnings were $967.20 (seasonally adjusted) the second highest weekly rate in Canada.

On a real wage basis, Saskatchewan’s wages were up 4.2 per cent year-over-year, adjusted for the 1.3 per cent increase in inflation.  This is the highest increase among provinces and well ahead of the 2.1 per cent that was posted nationally.

“There is an abundance of employment opportunities throughout the province and wage rates that are surpassing inflation,” Boyd said.  “These wage increases are providing a chance for people to pursue better jobs and higher salaries, both of which benefit Saskatchewan working men and women.”

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Town Launches new Website

By Craig Baird

Looking to spread the word of Gull Lake to potential new residents, the Town of Gull Lake has launched a new website after looking at ways to promote and market the town.
The website at fills the need for a web presence in town, something that council identified as a need for future growth.
“Keeping your community sustainable these days takes more than having your town’s name on the map. Many communities actively market and promote themselves in order to attract new residents to help keep their communities sustainable,” Mayor Blake Campbell said. “The old website was a static website that generated very little interest or traffic and needed an overhaul.”
On the website, residents can expect more useful information on the new website in a better organized format that is more user-friendly.
“Significant improvements were made to the organization and information contained in the website to make it more useful to residents and visitors. The biggest improvement that was added to the website was the addition of the town blog,” Mayor Campbell said. “The blog adds new content to the website on a far more frequent basis and significantly increases the traffic to the website itself.”
The website features highlighted words to allow for more information on a topic, a variety of calendars for everything ball schedules to workout schedules, as well as what is happening with council.
“The directory now contains links to the locations of businesses in Gull Lake and should be useful to visitors or new residents coming to the community,” Mayor Campbell said.
While the website has launched, residents are still encouraged to give their opinion on the new design and suggestions for improvement are welcome.
“One thing we are short of is good quality photos of the town itself and we would like to add some to the site over the next couple of months. We are looking for generic photos of different parts of the town where we have something happening, preferably an event or gathering taking place,” Mayor Campbell said. “A town is full of people and we need these types of photos to put on the website that showcase who we are and what goes on in our community. So, to any of our residents that would like to take photos, please forward your photos that you think may meet our needs.”
All photographers will be given a photo credit.
The Town’s new website also features a social media aspect to it in that it has widgets that allow you to see what is going on both the Town of Gull Lake’s Facebook page, as well as the Advance’s page.
“Hopefully residents and visitors will find the information and improvements to the site to be more organized and user-friendly. We hope to increase Gull Lake’s presence on the web to attract new business developers, investors and people in town,” Mayor Campbell said. “Gull Lake is a great place to live, it has a lot to offer and we need to get that message out.”
Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance
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