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Slow Down Watch for Children Signs Placed on Street Corner


“SLOW DOWN! Watch for Children” signs were installed today on the corner of Second Street and Rutland Avenue. The corner can be a busy corner at times with both traffic and children walking home to and from school. The signs will remind all drivers to be alert and watch for children at the corner.

This is the third location where “SLOW DOWN! Watch for Children” signs have been installed. The other locations are on Conrad Avenue in front of the Swimming Pool and on Third Street by the Recreation Complex.

Mayor Campbell

New Saskatchewan Co-Operative Wildlife Management Survey App Now Available

The Ministry of Environment has launched a new mobile application called the Saskatchewan Co-operative Wildlife Management Survey (SK CWMS) for Saskatchewan’s people to record wildlife observations.  Species include moose, elk, deer and select upland game birds, which helps the ministry manage wildlife decisions.

“The SK CWMS app, which is compatible with Apple and Android smart phones, will make recording wildlife information much easier,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said.  “This modern platform not only simplifies the recording of wildlife sightings, but also increases the accuracy and timeliness of information provided to the ministry.”

The Saskatchewan Co-operative Wildlife Management Survey began in the 1980s as a way to better understand herd structure for deer.  Today, the survey is used as a tool to gather population information for moose, elk, deer and select upland game birds across the province.  This long-standing, volunteer-based survey provides valuable information to guide the management of game species.

“Wildlife sightings provide important information indicating population growth and survival for big game and upland game birds, to help wildlife managers with their planning,” Duncan said.

New Saskatchewan Co-Operative Wildlife Management Survey App Now Available Government  Saskatchewan Environment

Although observers are encouraged to record observations for all species throughout the year, each game species has the following key observation periods when it is particularly important to record your observations:

  • White-tailed deer and mule deer: September 1 to November 30
  • Moose: September 1 to December 31
  • Elk: September 1 to February 28
  • Sharp-tailed grouse: March 1 to July 15
  • Wild Turkey: December 1 to March 1

Everyone from across the province is invited to join the community of volunteer wildlife observers by downloading the app (SK CWMS) on GooglePlay or the Apple store.  Once the app is downloaded, call 1-800-567-4224, for your participant number and activation code.

The traditional paper booklet will remain available for those who prefer this method of recording information.  To receive a traditional survey booklet, please call 1-800-567-4224.

For further information, please visit

Source: Government of Saskatchewan

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