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Cole Girodat

Cole Girodat

I hope to see you all out to vote next month!

One year after moving home to Gull Lake to run the theatre, I have come to realize that I would like to be involved in, and help lead us into, our town’s future.

I bring with me a fresh mindset. New ideas. New opinions. New generation. While our current council runs with little age difference between its members, I believe a variation in this demographic, among others, will increase communication, thought process, and general liability in council, as different age brings different opinions, knowledge, and experiences to bring to the table.
I am familiar with the different projects and issues around Gull Lake, such as the water plant, and the question of pavement in the new subdivision. I plan to look into each issue in front of me with an open mind, and for the betterment of the town. I have also heard concerns of not being able to physically see where our tax money is going. I plan to look into both regular and long term beautification of the town, such as seasonal maintenance and infrastructure improvements, focusing on making sure that everyone sees where their money is going.

A council is chosen through trust. Voters choose the council they trust to make the right decisions for the town; the decisions voters want to see made. I want the trust of all voters and offer the confidence of knowing that your concerns are mine, and anything brought to me will also be heard by the rest of council. Every thought matters, no matter how small, and no matter who it comes from.
Running the theatre in Gull Lake has opened my eyes to the concerns of the public, and other business owners. Another main focus of mine will be ensuring that our local businesses continue to thrive for years to come, while also opening arms to new, potential businesses that wish to make our town their home, bringing us all greater prosperity in the coming years.

With improved communication in council through more diversity, decisions will be made with greater thought involved. Town projects will be looked at with open minds, and issues will be brought to the council’s attention through the transparency and openness. I run for the position of councilor with the invitation of trust and honesty. Communication and accountability. Love for the town and of its people.

Cole Girodat


Effective immediately, no fireworks or open fires, including fire pits, fire rings, chimineas, and the like are allowed until further notice.