Any owner of a commercial property may apply for a business renovation incentive. The Town of Gull Lake will provide a rebate to a business completing renovations which improve the physical appearance of building exteriors. The rebate will be based on the cost of the renovations calculated at a rate of 10% of the costs to a maximum rebate of $1,000.00.
The rebate will be applied against the municipal tax levy in the year following completion of the renovations. A business may apply for a business renovation incentive once every five years. The following are considered eligible improvements:
– awnings
– canopies
– lighting replacement
– doors, doorways, and entrances
– window replacement
– trash enclosures
– brick cleaning and repair
– painting
– façade restorations/ improvements
– handicap accessibility
– landscaping
– parking lot resurfacing
– curbing
– signage
– sidewalks/ walkways

The following are not eligible under this program:
– new construction and building additions
– interior improvements
– roofing improvements
– removable items

The business must be in active operation. If at any time the taxes are in arrears on the affected
property, all incentives will be withdrawn and full taxes become payable.

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