Don Tait (Candidate Profile)

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Age: 70 years young.

Number of years in Gull Lake:  Over 14 years.

Marital Status:  Married

Tell us about your Family:  
I am married to my lovely wife Evelyn and have three great children. Our son is a teaching and research professional, employed and permanent with UVIC in Victoria BC.  My eldest daughter is living Herbert, Saskatchewan. Her husband is a rancher. My youngest daughter is working in Vancouver, BC in the security field.

My wife and I have put away the tool belts and retired from Tait Renovations. We were doing home renovations and repairs. We started doing renovations as we own and operate rental properties in the local area.  It followed that doing renovations for others would be a good fit.

I am also the CEO of Oak Island Software (web site design plus free computer training) since the 1980’s.

Educational background:
Basic: Grade 12 in Sask. Belfore Tech Regina.

Extended Education:
Royal Canadian Air Force M.S.E Tech (Mechanical)
Attended and graduated correspondence school in Edmonton, Alberta (Auto and Diesel) Chicago Vocational.  Mentored by Professor David Voris (University of Brandon) Armchair Airlines, Brandon, Manitoba while developing commercial software.

Community Involvement (Boards, Clubs, Organizations etc):
Lyceum Theatre concession, serving popcorn is my passion.

What has (or continues) to motivate you to step forward and run for Town Council?
As a taxpayer and a local resident, I feel taxpayers have the right to know where their tax dollars are spent. When business is before the council and is discussed or voted upon, this should be public record. All letters to town council deserve a written reply. The complete minutes of a town council meeting should be recorded and posted to a proper location available to all, within three business days of a meeting. This is known as Transparency. Transparency will help make Gull Lake a more desirable place to live. We should all know what future development and infrastructure repairs are on the table, how it will affect each one of us and the exact cost.

My platform is to help residents understand and take part in local government. Private agendas and the avoidance of provincial laws and authorities should not be tolerated. Town council meetings should be open for any resident to attend and each item should be fully explained if not under stood.

If elected, I will be available to any resident of Gull Lake. I will be happy to assist in any way I possibly can, on any issue or question. If I can’t help, I will make sure you are redirected to someone that can.

I believe, we must improve and expand our community with sustainable and where possible, renewable resources. People do not want to move into an area where there are no jobs, or unpleasant surroundings. New residents are a vital part of expansion.

We should have a system in place to help new businesses get up and running and be open to assisting their continued success. This way we can provide jobs to our local residents.

Welcoming and making new people feel comfortable in Gull Lake is job #1. We need a functional Welcome Wagon. Thanks to Joe for that suggestion.

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