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Gull Lake & District Ambulance Service

Gull Lake & District Ambulance Service

The Gull Lake & District Ambulance Service is owned and operated by several municipalities, Town of Gull Lake, R.M. of Gull Lake, R.M. of Carmichael, R.M. of Pittville, R.M. of Webb, Village of Carmichael, Village of Webb, and Village of Tompkins. The Ambulance Service covers approximately 3132 square kilometers and serves a population of about 2200 residents in the Cypress Health Region.

The Ambulance Service has one unit staffed twenty-four hours a day and has a second unit that is staffed on an as-needed basis. The Service employs three full time Primary Care Paramedics, one part time Emergency Medical Responder and two casual Primary Care Paramedics. We are committed to providing quality care to our patients, “always putting their needs first”.

The ambulance service is an integral part of our community, ensuring that a helping hand is not too far away.

Contact Information

Emergency 911

Phone:  (306) 672-4704
Fax:   (306) 672-4712

Mailing Address:
Box 656
Gull Lake, SK

Street Address:

Ambulance Services in Saskatchewan

Ambulance services provide patients with timely access to emergency medical services (EMS) and fast and safe transportation to the care they need. Ambulance trips (ground, plane and helicopter) are not provincially insured in Saskatchewan, but the cost is subsidized.

    • The provincial government covers a substantial portion of service costs for road and air ambulance. The remainder is paid through patient fees.
  • Costs can vary based on where you live.
  • You may choose to purchase additional health coverage or see if you qualify for assistance programs to help pay your portion of the cost.

Assistance Programs

  • If you are 65 years of age or older, the Senior Citzens’ Ambulance Assistance Program caps fees at $275 per ambulance trip within the province.
  • Lower-income families can have all or some of their fees covered through Family Health Benefits and Supplementary Health Benefits.
  • If you have been injured at work, or are involved in a motor vehicle accident, Worker’s Compensation and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) covers the full cost.
  • The Northern Medial Transportation Program covers the cost of emergency transportation provided by private air carriers, medical taxi or road ambulance for all northern residents. The program also covers costs of non-emergency transportation to assist social assistance clients with access to medical treatment and appointments outside their community.

For more information on  Saskatchewan Ambulance Services go to Government of Saskatchewan Website.

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Gull Lake & District Ambulance Service


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