Ken Wiebe (Candidate Profile)


Age:  65 years old.

Number of years in Gull Lake:  30 years.

Marital Status:  Married

Tell us about your Family:
I’m on my second marriage and married to Leanne. Leanne has 21years of municipal background as a councilor and Mayor.

What is your occupation:  retired.

Educational background:  I graduated  high school

Community Involvement (Boards, Clubs, Organizations etc):
I’ve  sat on numerous boards in the past such as a member on the Board for South Saskatchewan 911.

What has (or continues) to motivate you to step forward and run for Town Council?
I believe I can contribute in a meaningful way to the well being of Gull Lake and help it grow and move forward as a vibrant and strong community.

Other information about yourself that you would like to share:
I’ve had close to 20 yrs experience as a councilor and Mayor for Gull Lake. Worked for many years in the oil field.

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