Mike Yates (Alderman)

Mike Yates (Alderman)

Age:  61 years old.

Number of years in Gull Lake:  
20 years in the Gull Lake community and I have  lived in the town of Gull Lake for the past 41 years.

Marital Status:  Married
Tell us about your Family:  I am married to Debbie. We have a daughter and two sons and five granddaughters.

What is your occupation:
I am an EMR with  the Gull Lake Ambulance. I also own Mike’s Yard Service

Educational background:
I have a grade 12 with a continuing education in the ambulance field.

Community Involvement (Boards, Clubs, Organizations etc): 
I am on the Heritage Committee and  the Airport Committee. I am a member of the fire department and member of Knights of Columbus.

What has (or continues) to motivate you to step forward and run for Town Council?
I have enjoyed the past four years as a councilor and I would like to promote our town in any way possible.