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Nasser Zanidean (Alderman)

 Age: 40 years old.

Number of years in Gull Lake: 40 years.

Marital Status: Married

Tell us about your Family:
My wife Wafaa and I have 2 kids. Our eldest, Adam is 11, and started Grade 6 this year. Our younger son Mazin is 5, and has started kindergarten this year. Wafaa is a stay-at-home mom currently since the family sold their business, the Cedar Restaurant. Adam is very busy with school and he also does every sporting activity he can. Mazin began his first year of baseball and loved it.

What is your occupation:
I work at Weatherford BMW where I am the Rod Pump Supervisor.

Educational background:
I started kindergarten in Gull Lake, the exact same room as my two children. I then proceeded to graduate in Gull Lake as well. After graduation I moved and attended Siast Palliser in Moose Jaw, where I took Auto Body Technician.

Community Involvement (Boards, Clubs, Organizations etc):
I am currently active in many groups and boards in my small town. These include: BOPE Elks #164, Rink Board, Rec Board, Ambulance Board, and the Chair of Winterfest Committee. I am also very active when it comes to the sports world. I am currently coaching hockey, baseball, and football. I also would be willing to help with any group that could benefit from my assistance.

What has (or continues) to motivate you to step forward and run for Town Council?
My biggest inspiration for running again, is that I get to give back to the community that has given so much to me. I also have enjoyed learning and sharing my thoughts on how the government should run with other fellow councilors. Being involved with community members and trying to make a difference is what keeps me coming back.

Other information about yourself that you would like to share:
As I stated early, I was born and raised in Gull Lake and continue to live and raise my family here. I have many interests in sports. Whether it is playing hockey, baseball, football, volleyball or anything else that includes being part of a team, I’m in. I enjoy volunteering my time doing whatever it is that someone may need. In closing, the past seven years have been a fun-filled learning experience and I would love the opportunity to serve our wonderful little town for another four action packed years.

Nasser Zanidean (Alderman)


  • Gull Lake Receives Town Status November 1, 2022 Gull Lake, SK S0N 1A0, Canada
  • Town Enters Agreement With RCMP April 1, 2023 The Town of Gull Lake entered into an agreement with the RCMP for the policing of the town.
  • Town's First Swimming Pool Opens July 25, 2023
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Effective immediately, no fireworks or open fires, including fire pits, fire rings, chimineas, and the like are allowed until further notice.