Gull Lake Winterfest Amazing Race Champions

The Gull Lake Amazing race was a most challenging race that had many stations located in various spots around town. Eight teams consisting of four people each participated in the event. Teams had to perform various challenging tasks at each station before be allowed to move to the next station. The first team to cross the finish line and undisputed champions of the competition was Stuart Chutter, Stephanie Sells, Diana Ruetz, Braden Ruetz.

Amazing Race Champions.jpg
Stuart Chutter, Stephanie Sells, Diana Ruetz, Braden Ruetz

Stuart Chutter, Steph Sells, Diana Ruetz, Braden Ruetz.


This afternoon the Winterfest 2017 Southwest Saskatchewan’s Chocolate-Chip Cookie Competition Event took place. Ten entries were registered and evaluated by a panel of judges and the public.

Lea Stevenson of Gull Lake was declared the winner of the competition by a panel of judges. Leas’s tasty recipe makes the best Chocolate-Chip Cookies in Southwest Saskatchewan.

Lea Stevenson

Bethany Mittelholtz of Gull Lake was the winner of the Peoples Choice category of the competition.

Bethany Mittelholtz

Winterfest Committee

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