Gull Lake has a wide variety of recreational programs and facilities; including unique area attractions, a much loved campground and an intriguing museum!  Also visit our local Accommodations and Restaurants.

The Gull Lake and Area Recreation Board is comprised of individual members from 5 different areas, as well as a member at large.  The Recreation Director, hired by the Gull Lake and Area Recreation Board, is in charge of all recreational programs and facilities.  To download the  2017 Gull Lake and Area Rec Board Grant Application form is (click here).

2018 Recreation Board

Town of Gull Lake: Steven Haithwaite, Tim Temoshawsky
RM of Gull Lake: Tom Bucheler, Jason Craig
RM of Webb: Bruce Gibson, Randy Fenwick
RM Carmichael: Steve Metz, Bob Meister
Village of Tompkins: Grant Kennedy
Member at Large: Dennis Leahy