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Sarcan Recycling Depot

The SARCAN Recycling Depot accepts deposit beverage containers, paint, and electronics:

1387 Conrad Avenue, (306) 672-4437.  Hours of Operation:  Tuesday – Friday  (8:30am – 12:00pm) and (1:00pm – 5:00pm).

Recycle Centre

The Town of Gull Lake and the RM of Carmichael have opened a Single-Stream Recycling Bin located at the RM of Carmichael office.

Acceptable Material: Loose Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum, Metal, Certain Plastic, Refundable Beverage Containers.

Non-Acceptable Material: Glass, Hazardous Materials, Electronics, Houseware Items, Foam, Plastic (that is not a container), Mixed Packaging, Contaminated Materials, Building Materials, Scrap Metal, Plastic Bags. DO NOT BAG YOUR RECYCLABLES


Recycling protects natural resources, prevents pollution, saves energy, and creates jobs.  Do what you can—every small effort you make to recycle will positively impact the environment.  Thank you for your support!

Compost Site

The Compost Site is located at the Gull Lake Disposal Site.  It is available for disposal of yard and household wastes, such as vegetable wastes, lawn clippings, leaves and kitchen wastes.

What to Compost:

Vegetable peelings • Rotten fruit • Leaves • Coffee grounds • Tea leaves •  Dry leaves, grass and plant stalks • Shredded newsprint (non-toxic inks only) or brown paper (eg paper bags) • Cut-up cardboards (recycle large pieces) • Corncobs • Straw • Other paper (unbleached paper towels, napkins, etc – wet is okay, not greasy) •  Rinsed, crushed eggshells • Pet hair, to help discourage rodents • Fireplace Ash • Dryer lint•

What not to Compost:

Grease, oils or fats• Bread or bread products • Rice Pastas Salad dressings or sauces • Dairy products • Nuts or nut butters • Fish • Meat • Bones • Kitty Litter • Ash from barbecues or coal• Treated wood products.  

Please do not haul any trees or tree limbs to this site as they are not compostable. These should go to the landfill site.


COVID-19 Information for Residents and Business

Learn more about COVID-19, local business information, and about the support available for businesses!