The strategic planning followed a process to survey stakeholders, analyze survey results,
strategize priorities and strategic direction, forming a basis to develop operational plans and budgets, and implement actions.

Council’s 2017-2021 Strategic Plan (accessible pdf, 0.9 mb).

A Shared Vision

A set of strategic imperatives represents shared cored values that articulate broad overarching aspirations to influence and shape the way in which the Town fulfills its purpose: Optimistic and Progressive, Honest and Fair, Objective and Respectful, Accountable and Reliable, and Generous and Giving.

A Shared Mission and Purpose

The Town of Gull Lake is accountable to residents, meeting their needs through planning, managing assets, and promoting and fostering growth in a fiscally responsible manner.

Five Key Areas of Focus

The Strategic Planning Workgroup established the following Municipal Priorities to aid the Town in determining where and when to allocate its resources:

1. Business Development
2. Infrastructure
3. Recreation Facilities and Services
4. Tourism Inventory
5. Culture and Heritage

Each area of focus is connected to strategic directives, key measures and targets, which drive the plan towards Council’s vision of growth and sustainability for our community.