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Chinook Board Encourages Community Support of Locally Governed Education

​Chinook Board members are joining with school divisions across the province, the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, (SSBA) and the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) to encourage our communities to continue their support of publicly funded, locally governed education. Please read and share the letter from the Chinook Board​below, regarding the proposed Bill 63 by the Ministry of Education.

Chinook Board Message Bill 63 (April 2017).pdf

Source: Chinook School Division

Schools in Wymark, Gull Lake and Tompkins have new Chinook Division trustee

Schools in Wymark, Gull Lake and Tompkins have new Chinook Division trustee
Katelyn Toney is the newly elected Trustee for Subdivision 4 of the Chinook School Division Board of Education.
Katelyn Toney (elected) 163
Brent Castle 94
Katelyn Toney was elected as the Trustee for Subdivision 4, which includes schools in Wymark, Gull Lake and Tompkins as well as numerous Hutterian schools. Katelyn obtained a degree in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and has had her own successful photography business for the last six years. She still owns her own business as well as ranches, alongside her husband Paul, north of Tompkins.
Katelyn is very involved in her community. Her and her husband have four young children: the older two attending school in Tompkins. Growing up in the rural community of Simmie, Katelyn has a passion for the quality education of rural students and believes it is essential to make decisions in the best interest of the kids. She plans to work passionately to ensure that your community has a voice and has every opportunity to thrive and grow, starting where it matters most – with the education of your children.

via SW Sask News – Prairie Post – Prairie Post http://ift.tt/2nLnCgt

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