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Choosing Wisely Campaign Launched

Clinician-led campaign focuses on reducing unnecessary tests and treatments

Physicians and healthcare providers in the Cypress Health Region are participating in a national campaign focused on engaging in conversations with patients about unnecessary tests and treatments.  The Choosing Wisely initiative calls on clinicians and patients to make smart and effective choices to ensure high-quality care and was officially launched in Saskatchewan on May 5 in Saskatoon.

“On the front lines of medicine we know that we have the opportunity to improve the care that we deliver by engaging our patients in healthy conversations about what care is really necessary and beneficial to their health,” commented Dr. Kevin Wasko, family physician and President of the Cypress Regional Medical Association.  “The Choosing Wisely campaign provides valuable information to help both patients and clinicians have meaningful conversations about treatment options. We need to think twice before ordering tests and treatments and we must work together to dispel the notion that more care automatically means better care.”

The Choosing Wisely campaign is built upon a growing list of tests, treatments, and procedures for which there is strong evidence of overuse, waste, or even possible harm to patients. Examples include overprescribing antibiotics and other medications, over-reliance on diagnostic imaging, and performing annual exams on healthy individuals.  Research indicates that 70% of medical diagnosis can be determined by your medical history alone without needing any testing.  Having a long-term relationship with a family physician is in itself a form of medical screening.

Dr. Clare Kozroski, a family physician practicing in the community of Gull Lake, is one of many physicians in the Cypress Health Region who are fully supportive of the goals of Choosing Wisely.

“Having conversations about what care patients truly need is a shared responsibility amongst all members of the health care team and it’s important for this dialogue to take place,” she noted.  “There are many examples of tests being ordered, or treatments and procedures being performed where evidence overwhelmingly shows that they will provide no benefit to the patient. These unnecessary tests and treatments not only carry no benefit, they can introduce patients to potential harm.”

Patients who have concerning symptoms will continue to receive appropriate medical care, including necessary tests and treatments that their physician, nurse practitioner, or other healthcare professional requires or recommends.

“Choosing Wisely is a change in culture just as much as it a change in practice.  Medical tests are not perfect and are not black and white.  Performing screening tests on patients who are without any symptoms may uncover illnesses, however they can also misdiagnose and send patients down a path of unnecessary and often invasive procedures,” added Wasko.

The Health Region, working alongside Choosing Wisely Saskatchewan, will focus on a number of important health topics to help educate patients and providers over the coming months using available toolkits from Choosing Wisely Canada.  This information will help patients engage in meaningful, healthy conversations with their healthcare provider about the care that they require.

For more information on the Choosing Wisely initiative visit http://hqc.sk.ca/improve-health-care-quality/appropriateness-of-care/ or http://www.choosingwiselycanada.org/.

Source: https://cypresshealth.ca/featured/choosing-wisely/

Saskatchewan Health Authority head office will be located in Saskatoon – CBC.ca

Saskatchewan Health Authority head office will be located in Saskatoon - CBC.ca Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Cypress Health Region
Saskatchewan Health Authority head office will be located in Saskatoon - CBC.ca Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Cypress Health Region
Saskatchewan Health Authority head office will be located in Saskatoon
“A number of locations for the head office were considered, and all would have been a good fit for the new health authority and the people of Saskatchewan,” said Minister Jim Reiter in a news release. “Saskatoon will be the location of the head office
Amalgamated Sask. Health Authority to be based in SaskatoonSaskatoon StarPhoenix

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Cypress Regional Hospital Reaches 10 Year Anniversary Date

The Cypress Regional Hospital has reached a significant milestone today as this date ten years ago saw the facility receive its first inpatients.  Ten years later the facility has served the medical needs of thousands of patients, positioning itself as the anchor of acute care services in southwest Saskatchewan.

The move from the now-demolished Swift Current Union Hospital to the Cypress Regional Hospital was the culmination of more than 16 months of planning.  The transition between the two facilities lasted several weeks with the actual movement of inpatients spanning a brief four hour timeline on April 27, 2007. Many staff lent helping hands during the transition.

Jim Hornell, former CEO of the Cypress Health Region and current President/CEO of Brant Community Healthcare System in Brantford, Ontario, has fond memories of the exciting move.

“I recall a quiet calm in the day or two leading into the big move and a quiet confidence knowing the strong capacities of the team doing the preparations, planning, and potential scenarios that were playing out in our heads. I also remember the ambulances at the old facility taking patients out when usually they were dropping them off.  I recall walking through the recently vacated hospital that now looked so empty and thoroughly used and depleted.  It had done its job over the years and served the area so well, but we had a marvelous new facility that worked and the move was seamless and highly efficient.”

Built by Dominion Construction, the Cypress Regional Hospital includes over 160,000 square feet of space and is used to deliver key acute care services to residents of the Cypress Health Region.  These services include chemotherapy, renal dialysis, intensive care, cardiac rehabilitation, obstetrics, surgery, therapies, radiology including computerized tomography (CT) scans, medical/surgical, mental health, and many others. There are approximately 600 employees that work in the facility.

Since its opening the Regional Hospital has been a staple to the delivery of acute health services in the Cypress Health Region. During its first 10 years in existence the Cypress Regional Hospital has had:

  • 558,215 outpatient visits including
    • 428,158 lab/diagnostic imaging
    • 26,758 physiotherapy
    • 20,696 renal dialysis
    • 14,057 cardiac lab
    • 11,182 chemotherapy
    • 1,737 Telehealth sessions
  • 173,678 visits to the emergency room
  • 24,689 surgeries
  • 4,018 births

The formal grand opening of the facility was held on September 20, 2007 and included presentations from then Minister of Health Len Taylor, Ron Heeg on behalf of the Cypress Regional Health Authority, Sandy Larson as Mayor of Swift Current, Joan Meyer as Chairperson of the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, and Jim Parsons as Reeve of the RM of Swift Current.

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation organized donor funds that contributed to the equipping and furnishing of the facility. The Toward Healthcare Excellence (THE) Campaign reached its $7.5 million goal in 18 short months.  Distinguished philanthropists included Mr. Ted Hanlon and his donation of $1 million, and the Swift Current Greek Orthodox Community and participating Credit Unions of Southwest Saskatchewan who each donated $250,000.  Hundreds of other donors also participated in THE Campaign through personal/corporate/estate donations, a Believe in Miracles telethon, a community lottery, a Night Out in Greece, and others. The Foundation and its donors have continued to support the Regional Hospital since its opening with the purchase of a new CT scanner, a holmium laser, creating a digital mammography unit, and constructing a covered walkway, among others.

The Cypress Regional Hospital is now connected to The Meadows long-term care facility.  The Meadows was built on a 15 acre parcel of land that was purchased prior to construction of the Hospital with the goal that acute care and long-term care services in Swift Current could one day be combined under one roof. This visionary goal now represents reality for residents of southwest Saskatchewan.

Source: Cypress Regional Hospital Reaches 10 Year Anniversary Date | Cypress Health Region

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