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Governments Invest in Crop Research | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Photo by: Blake Campbell

Photo by: Blake Campbell

Today Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced nearly $7.7 million in funding for 46 crop-related research projects through the province’s Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).

“Research in agriculture is the key to maintaining a competitive edge, and that’s why the federal government, in partnership with provinces and agriculture organizations, invests in research,” MacAulay said. “These millions of dollars invested into crops research in Saskatchewan over the years will help create growth and put more money in the pockets of farmers within the sector.”

“Ongoing investments into research and development provide Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers the ability to be competitive in the global marketplace, while producing food sustainably,” Stewart said.  “Continual innovation through the ADF leads to improved crop varieties, more value-added processing and cutting edge farming practices and knowledge, keeping our agriculture industry strong.”

The 46 projects receiving funding this year are diverse and include research on: improving plant breeding technology specifically to test for DON toxins that are the result of fusarium head blight infection in wheat; optimizing loss-sensing technology on farm equipment to minimize losses at harvest; and the development of a pulse-based replacement for shortening that can be used in baked goods, to name a few.

Today’s ADF announcement leverages significant funding from industry partners, on top of government funding.  A total of almost $3.7 million is being committed from partner organizations that include Western Grains Research Foundation, SaskPulse, SaskCanola, SaskFlax, Sask Wheat and Alberta Wheat Commission.

“We are appreciative of the funding provided through ADF that enables collaboration and the ability to make advancements across the Saskatchewan agriculture sector,” Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Executive Director Carl Potts said. “Amongst the funded projects are ones looking to address key priority areas for pulse growers such as weed control and pest management in pulse crops.”

“We welcome governments’ continued commitment to agricultural innovation,” Managing Director of the Crop Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Saskatchewan Kofi Agblor said.  “The CDC has released more than 450 new varieties of crops since its inception, varieties that today account for significant acreage across the prairies, illustrating just how significant an economic contribution research makes to the agricultural economy.  We look forward to continuing this important work.”

ADF funding is part of the $26.8 million the Government of Saskatchewan committed to agriculture research for 2016-17.  Funding for ADF projects is provided under Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

For more information, and to see a complete list of funded projects, visit www.saskatchewan.ca and search “Agriculture Development Fund.”

Source: Governments Invest in Crop Research | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Anderson garners new critic portfolio for the federal opposition

David Anderson, centre, from the last federal election at his campaign office.

 David Anderson, MP for Cypress Hills Grasslands has been appointed Official Opposition Critic for Agriculture and Agri-food by Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose.

“I am honoured to be appointed as the Conservative agriculture critic. I am looking forward to working with my colleagues to hold this Liberal government and the minister to account on issues facing farmers in Cypress Hills-Grasslands and across the country. Stakeholders have been very disappointed that this government has already failed them. This has been highlighted by the Liberals’ inability to address international trade issues that are so critical to our producers’ success.”
Anderson brings life long experience as a farmer, his 16 years in Parliament and former position of Parliamentary Secretary for the Canadian Wheat Board to the job.
In appointing Anderson, Ambrose said that he “has the energy and experience to ensure the concerns of Canadian producers are heard.”

Anderson will continue his role as Critic for International Human Rights and Religious Freedom.
“Strong Canadian agriculture means a stronger Canada. ‎Our challenge is to get this government to understand that,” concluded Anderson.

via SW Sask News – Prairie Post – Prairie Post http://ift.tt/2cdftqA

Budget 2016: FCM calls for targeted infrastructure investments in rural Canada

OTTAWA – The Federation of Canadian Municipalities today released A Thriving Rural Canada: Rising to the Moment in Federal Budget 2016, focusing on the importance of long-term investments in rural Canada as a companion to FCM’s pre-budget submission. The report lays out proposals to ensure that the 2016 federal budget supports economic growth, sustainable development and improved quality of life in our rural communities.

“Our country’s rural communities are an integral part of Canada’s fabric, strength and economy,” said Ray Orb, Chair of FCM’s Rural Forum. “New investments in green, social and transportation infrastructure, including an expanded Small Communities Fund, will help ensure small and rural communities can meet their needs and contribute to Canada’s economy.”

FCM’s budget submission includes targeted proposals that respond to the needs of small and rural communities including an expanded Small Communities Fund that provides dedicated funding for rural priorities such as roads and bridges and water and wastewater infrastructure. FCM is also calling for a flexible approach to the 100,000 population threshold to improve access to funding and allow provinces and territories to work with their municipal partners to determine a threshold that reflects the size of small communities in their regions.

A Thriving Rural Canada also calls for enhanced support for disaster mitigation and resiliency and renewal of core public infrastructure as part of the proposed federal Green Infrastructure Fund, and targeted action on affordable housing that responds to the unique challenges and concerns faced by rural communities. Whether green, social or core infrastructure, municipalities of all sizes are responsible for close to 60 per cent of the country’s public infrastructure. Communities need predictable, long-term resources and flexibility to carry out much needed repair and maintenance and to plan for future projects.

“We are all partners when it comes to building a better Canada,” said FCM President Raymond Louie. “By working together, every order of government, our big cities, rural communities and Canadians from across this great country can ensure that we continue to enjoy the highest quality of life that all Canadians deserve.”

A Thriving Rural Canada is a companion piece to FCM’s 2016 budget submission, Cities and Communities: Rising to the Moment which provides a detailed roadmap to help our federal partners deliver the best results for the bold investment promises made during the last election.

FCM is the national voice of municipal government. In leading the municipal movement, FCM works to align federal and local priorities, recognizing that strong hometowns make for a strong Canada.

Via: Federation of Canadian Municipalities