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Grain Growers of Canada looking for bill C-30 to be extended – SwiftCurrentOnline.com

Grain Growers of Canada are calling for the federal government to extend the provisions in bill C-30 the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act that mandate the timely transportation of grain.

The organization wants to ensure the legislation remains in place for the new crop year

Source: Grain Growers of Canada looking for bill C-30 to be extended – SwiftCurrentOnline.com

Governments Invest in Livestock and Forage Research | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Today Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lawrence MacAulay and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced nearly $3.5 million in funding for 24 livestock and forage-related research projects.

Support for the projects is provided through Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund (ADF), part of the federal-provincial Growing Forward 2 agreement.

“Our government is proud to support research that helps our livestock producers solve problems and put more of their world-class beef products on the tables of families across the country and around the world,” MacAulay said. ”This investment helps position the sector to take advantage of the new opportunities we are opening up internationally and will put more money in the pockets of our ranchers.”

“Saskatchewan is a world-class agricultural research hub and home to farmers and ranchers that excel at producing high-quality food,” Stewart said. “Continued investments in research through the ADF ensure we have the tools and knowledge to sustainably grow the livestock sector.”

ADF research seeks to increase productivity and to address emerging issues in Saskatchewan agriculture. Projects include research into the prevention of bovine respiratory disease, the effect of ergot-contaminated feed on bull fertility, the development of new forage varieties and the modification of swine diets to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, among others.

Industry groups are providing additional funding, totaling more than $280,000, to several of the ADF projects. Funding partners include Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association (SCA) and SaskMilk.

“We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on research,” SCA Chair Ryan Beierbach said. “Continual improvement in all areas of production, including how best to prevent animal disease and deliver animal nutrition, helps to secure a solid future for our beef industry.”

“We look forward to the knowledge that will result from important projects in areas such as influenza vaccine development and animal transport, and welcome today’s investment by the federal and provincial governments,” Sask Pork Chair Florian Possberg said.

Earlier this month, the federal and provincial governments announced $7.7 million for 46 crop-related research projects.  To see a complete list of funded projects, visit www.Saskatchewan.ca and search “Agriculture Development Fund.”

Source: Governments Invest in Livestock and Forage Research | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Canada Reaches Health Funding Agreement with Saskatchewan – Canada News Centre

Canada’s public healthcare system is a source of pride. The Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan are committed to ensuring it is there to meet the needs of Canadian families.

Today, the federal government and the Government of Saskatchewan agreed to new targeted federal funding over 10 years for investments in home care and mental health care. The province joins New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the Territories in accepting the Government of Canada’s offer to support transformative change and deliver better health care for Canadians in these priority areas.

Over the next 10 years, the federal government will provide Saskatchewan with an additional $348.8 million:

$190.3 million for better home care including addressing critical home care infrastructure requirements; and
$158.5 million in support of mental health initiatives.
Under this funding agreement, the province will be getting its respective share of the investment in home care and mental health offered by the federal government at the Finance and Health Ministers’ Meeting on December 19, 2016. The province is the latest jurisdiction to pursue a new agreement for health care funding with the federal government, which will begin in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

In the coming weeks, governments will develop performance indicators and mechanisms for annual reporting to citizens, as well as a detailed plan on how these funds will be spent, over and above existing programs. The Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan will work out the details of accountability and reporting, consistent with the pan-Canadian approach envisaged in the federal funding offer of December 19, 2016.

As a result of these investments, it is expected that access to mental health services for children and youth will be improved and that the number of patients in hospital who could be supported and better cared for at home or in the community will be reduced.

The targeted investments in home care and mental health care are in addition to the existing legislated commitments through the Canada Health Transfer (CHT), which will continue to grow into the future. This new funding agreement is consistent with the federal investments offered to provincial and territorial governments on December 19, 2016. It would be amended to reflect legislated changes to the CHT in the event of a pan-Canadian agreement consistent with the previous federal offer.

As currently legislated, the CHT amount will be calculated using a three-year moving average of nominal GDP growth, or 3% whichever is higher, and allocated to provinces and territories on an equal per capita basis.

“We are pleased to reach a deal that will lead to sustained health care in our province. The new investments in home care and mental health are important. The extra funds will help ensure health care delivery in priority areas remains strong for Saskatchewan people.”

The Honourable Jim Reiter
Minister of Health, Saskatchewan

“We are committed to working with our provincial counterparts in Saskatchewan to improve health care for Canadians. As a result, the Government of Canada will make significant investments toward improving home care and mental health care in Saskatchewan. I want to thank the Saskatchewan government for its leadership in this regard.”

The Honourable Jane Philpott
Minister of Health

Source: Canada Reaches Health Funding Agreement with Saskatchewan – Canada News Centre

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