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Governments Invest $7.7 Million In Crop Research

Today Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on behalf of Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced $7.7 million in funding for 30 crop-related research projects through Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund (ADF).

In addition, the governments are committing $6.25 million in operating funds through the ADF to the Crop Development Centre (CDC) at the University of Saskatchewan over five years.

“Investments in agricultural research are critical to ensuring continued progress and increased efficiency for farmers,” said Goodale.  “That’s why the Government of Canada strongly supports crop research, like these cost-shared projects in Saskatchewan that will help support the continued growth and innovation of Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector.”

“Investing in innovative, crop-related projects and supporting research organizations like the CDC not only provides Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers with the very latest in research and development, but also allows our province to be competitive on the world stage and helps attract some of the best researchers in the industry,” Stewart said.  “We’re very proud of our investments through ADF.  They create future growth opportunities and help improve the bottom line for producers and food processors.”

Governments Invest $7.7 Million In Crop Research Agriculture  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Government of Canada


This year’s projects are diverse and focus on issues important to Saskatchewan agriculture.  Some examples include: research to develop more clubroot resistant canola varieties; improve fusarium head blight resistance in durum wheat; better control of root rot in pea and lentils crops; and increasing the use of faba beans in pet food and fish feed to create another value-added use for a Saskatchewan pulse crop.

Today’s ADF announcement into the 30 research projects leverages significant additional funding from industry partners, in addition to government funding.  More than $3.1 million has been committed from the following partners: the Western Grains Research Foundation; the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission; the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission; the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers; the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission and the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission.

“Working together is a fundamental value of the agriculture industry so we appreciate the opportunity to contribute and collaborate on these worthwhile projects,” Western Grains Research Foundation Chair Dave Sefton said.

“We are grateful for funding that supports our operations, and for continued investment into research and innovation from the Government of Saskatchewan,” CDC Managing Director at the University of Saskatchewan Dr. Kofi Agblor said.  “Continued investment from the province affirms its commitment to our clearly demonstrated mission of improving economic returns for farmers and the agriculture industry of western Canada, as well as our new vision of being a world-class crop improvement organization that delivers advanced crop genetics for society.”

Governments Invest $7.7 Million In Crop Research Agriculture  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Government of Canada
Funding for ADF is part of the $26.8 million the Government of Saskatchewan committed to agriculture research in the 2017-18 provincial budget.  Funding is provided under the federal-provincial-territorial initiative, Growing Forward 2.

In July 2017, federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture reached agreement in principle on the key elements of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five year, $3 billion investment that will set a solid foundation for the future of Canada’s farmers and food processors, and continue to help them grow, innovate and prosper.  The partnership is set to launch on April 1, 2018.

For more information, including a complete list of funded projects, please visit www.saskatchewan.ca and search “Agriculture Development Fund.”

Source: Governments Invest $7.7 Million In Crop Research

A Decade Of Solid Job Growth And Strong Growth In December

December’s job numbers show Saskatchewan had the second highest percentage employment growth rate among the provinces between 2007 and 2017 and added 5,000 jobs in December, starting the year from a position of strength.

There have been 62,700 jobs created over the last decade in Saskatchewan, a 12.4 per cent increase, well above the national rate of 9.8 per cent.

Among the provinces, Saskatchewan had the fifth lowest annual average unemployment rate in 2017 at 6.3 per cent.  Nationally, the annual average unemployment rate was 6.3 per cent.

A Decade Of Solid Job Growth And Strong Growth In December Economic Development Government  Unemployment Rate Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

There was an average of 567,600 people employed in 2017, 900 fewer than in 2016.

“There are more than 60,000 more jobs today in Saskatchewan than there were 10 years ago,” Premier Brad Wall said.  “This has been a period of exceptional growth for our province, driven by businesses large and small.  Thanks to their efforts, there are more opportunities for Saskatchewan people to build a career and contribute to our community.  With our population continuing to grow, we are beginning a second decade of growth.  For Saskatchewan, the best is yet to come.”

Other 2017 highlights include:

  • Major year-over-year gains were reported for trade, up 3,800; manufacturing, up 2,300; and professional, scientific and technical services, up 2,100 compared to 2016.
  • Youth unemployment rate was 11.8 per cent, fourth lowest among the provinces.

On a month-over-month basis, there was an increase of 5,000 jobs (seasonally adjusted) between November 2017 and December 2017.  December 2017’s unemployment rate was 6.4 per cent, down from 6.6 per cent in December 2016.

Source: A Decade Of Solid Job Growth And Strong Growth In December


Saskatchewan’s small business owners can look forward to the new year knowing they will have the highest income threshold in Canada. Individual Saskatchewan taxpayers will benefit from a full year of the lower Personal Income Tax rates introduced last July, for a savings of more than $120 million in 2018.

The provincial small business income threshold—the amount of income up to which small businesses pay tax at the much lower two per-cent small business tax rate—goes up from $500,000 to $600,000 effective January 1.

“A higher income threshold provides small businesses with an incentive to hire more workers and invest new capital right here in Saskatchewan, supporting our government’s growth agenda,” Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said. “Meanwhile, Saskatchewan’s 12 per cent corporate income tax rate continues to be competitive and among the lowest in the country, further enhancing our province’s significant advantages when attracting new investment and jobs.”

Also in 2018, Saskatchewan residents will benefit for an entire calendar year from lower provincial Personal Income Tax rates, which dropped half a percentage point effective July 1, 2017.

“Lower personal taxes help to create jobs and attract people to our province by improving Saskatchewan’s tax competitiveness,” Harpauer said.

Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax rates will drop by another half point on July 1, 2019. These rate reductions will save a single Saskatchewan taxpayer, with no dependents and an annual income of $50,000, about $77 per year in each of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

As a result of these tax reductions, individual’s 2020 Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax will be $308 lower than his or her 2016 Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax. Similarly, a married couple with two children and an annual family income of $100,000, will save about $117 per year in each of 2018, 2019 and 2020.

This family’s 2020 Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax will be $468 lower than their 2016 Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax as a result of these tax reductions.

Source: http://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2017/december/28/business-and-personal-taxes

Reservations for Saskatchewan Parks 2018 Seasonal Camping Set to Launch Soon

This holiday season, as Saskatchewan residents enjoy time with family and share in the hopeful anticipation of the New Year, many are already starting to plan their summer getaway in Saskatchewan’s provincial parks.

“For many people, visiting our provincial parks is a valued summer tradition that contributes to our great quality of life,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said.  “Booking a site for the full season is a popular choice that allows for the best camping deal around and an entire summer spent making lifelong memories.”

The seasonal camping program offers the opportunity to secure a campsite from mid-May to the end of August, and into September at some locations.  Seasonal bookings are offered at a discount from the regular nightly camping rates.

Reservations for Saskatchewan Parks 2018 Seasonal Camping Set to Launch Soon SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

There are 19 provincial parks and recreation sites that offer the seasonal camping program, and the seasonal sites are always in high demand.  Due to the popularity of the program, sites are allocated via a lottery system.

Application forms for seasonal sites will be available at www.saskparks.net starting Wednesday, January 3, 2018.  The deadline for applications is Thursday, February 1, 2018, with the draw to award campsites taking place on Monday, February 5, 2018.  Successful applicants will be contacted by phone or email. Details for nightly camping reservations will be available in early January.

Since 2007, the Government of Saskatchewan has invested more than $100 million in upgrades and improvements to the provincial park infrastructure.

Projects undertaken include the development of two new campgrounds, upgrading or replacement of service centres, extensive campsite electrical expansion and upgrading, water and wastewater system upgrades, new and enhanced boat launches and new campsite furnishings.

Source: http://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2017/december/18/reservations-for-seasonal-camping

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