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Crescent Point Pool Getting Ready for Summer

Crescent Point Pool Getting Ready for Summer GULL LAKE Tourism  Town Council Rural Municipality Mayor's Report Crescent Point Pool

The Crescent Point Pool is getting a makeover with the replacement of the old swimming pool deck tile with a new rubber paving material. The work started this past weekend with the paving of the paddling pool deck and will finish with the paving main pool deck this week. The rubber paving will give the pool a new look and is made of 100% recycled rubber. Solid-State Rubber Paving out of Swift Current, is doing the work at cost of $48,000. Recreation Director Sara Kuntz says “fundraising for the project totaled approximately $18,000”.

Some pool doors, and frames are rusting and will be replaced this year. Three metal doors and five-door frames will be replaced at a cost of $9,415.00. The storage shed on the east end of the pool will also be replaced at a cost of $2,000.00.

Council has approved the purchase of a variety of pool toys and fitness equipment, including: poolside basketball nets, medium and large-size rafts, sinkers, a variety of dumbbells, weight bars, dumbbell rack, resistance bands, aqua disks. The floats for the ropes will be replaced, and a new storage cart will also be purchased. The total of these items will be approximately $3,022.00.

Crescent Point Pool is owned by the Town of Gull Lake. Pool operating deficits are shared between the Town of Gull Lake 66.66%, RM of Carmichael 16.67%, and RM, of Webb 16.67%. RM of Gull Lake 16.67%.

The Pool will open at the beginning of June until the end of August.

Mayor Campbell

Economic Development Committee Tours Downtown Buildings

Economic Development Committee Tours Downtown Buildings Business Economic Development GULL LAKE  Mayor's Report Economic Development Committee

Economic Development Committee members went on a downtown empty building tour this afternoon. The tour included stops at The Advance, Brick Building (Proton Ave and Main Street), Old Co-op, 76 Ranch House, and Wong Guy Shoe Shop.  The committee viewed the buildings to see what businesses could be a good fit, square footage, cost, condition and so on.

The group will be able to use the information from the tour to see what potential businesses could occupy the empty buildings. This was an important first step for the EDC as part of their mandate is to attract new business to Gull Lake.

Mayor Campbell

Thrive Sask Workshop Sets Priorities for EDC

Thrive Sask Workshop Sets Priorities for EDC Business Economic Development GULL LAKE  Small Business Mayor's Report Economic Development Committee

Yesterday members from local businesses, organizations, and municipalities attended the Thrive Sask Workshop at the Gull Lake Community Hall. The workshop was facilitated by Heritage Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association. Participants started with an exercise on intangible cultural heritage that helped participants connect with whom we are as a community.

In the planning session, the group identified three priorities it wants to accomplish over the next 90 days. The three key priorities are as follows:

  1. Utilization of Vacant Buildings in the Downtown.
  2. Look for Ways to Stimulate Local Jobs.
  3. Help Existing Businesses

The tasks needed to complete the goals were identified and placed in 30, 60, and 90-daytime frames depending on when they need to be completed.

The Gull Lake Economic Development Committee will take the lead and work with participants help to complete tasks. The plan is ambitious, and the EDC will be busy in the coming days and weeks as they work on tasks. We will keep you posted on their plans and tasks as they move forward.

Mayor Campbell

Gull Lake Gets a New Ambulance

Gull Lake Gets a New Ambulance GULL LAKE Health & Wellness  Mayor's Report Gull Lake Ambulance Service

Yesterday a new ambulance arrived at the Gull Lake Emergency Services Hall. The unit is a 2017 Ford F450 equipped with a V10 gas engine was purchased from Demers Ambulances in Saskatoon for $154,000.00.

The new unit has a sharp look especially the “Gull Lake EMS” decals located on the windows of the passenger side and rear doors of the patient compartment. The LED scene lights also offer better lighting for EMS Staff when responding to accidents at night. The driver’s compartment emergency light switches layout are well-organized and easily accessible to the driver. The Gull Lake Ambulance Board and Staff would also like to thank Holizki Electric for donating the dashboard camera.

The new unit has significantly more room in the patient compartment for staff to work, and ample storage cabinets for medical supplies. There are a number of exterior storage cabinets that allow for additional storage of equipment. Heat and cooling vents located along the driver’s side of the compartment allow for greater comfort of the patient compartment. The hydraulic lift used for loading and unloading the large main oxygen tank makes changing the cylinder much easier.

Congratulations to the Gull Lake Ambulance Board and Staff on the purchase of the new ambulance and thanks for the important service you provide to our community.


Blake Campbell

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