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Gull Lake Gets a New Ambulance

Yesterday a new ambulance arrived at the Gull Lake Emergency Services Hall. The unit is a 2017 Ford F450 equipped with a V10 gas engine was purchased from Demers Ambulances in Saskatoon for $154,000.00.

The new unit has a sharp look especially the “Gull Lake EMS” decals located on the windows of the passenger side and rear doors of the patient compartment. The LED scene lights also offer better lighting for EMS Staff when responding to accidents at night. The driver’s compartment emergency light switches layout are well-organized and easily accessible to the driver. The Gull Lake Ambulance Board and Staff would also like to thank Holizki Electric for donating the dashboard camera.

The new unit has significantly more room in the patient compartment for staff to work, and ample storage cabinets for medical supplies. There are a number of exterior storage cabinets that allow for additional storage of equipment. Heat and cooling vents located along the driver’s side of the compartment allow for greater comfort of the patient compartment. The hydraulic lift used for loading and unloading the large main oxygen tank makes changing the cylinder much easier.

Congratulations to the Gull Lake Ambulance Board and Staff on the purchase of the new ambulance and thanks for the important service you provide to our community.


Blake Campbell

Ambulance Photos


Gull Lake Implements Safe Places Program

Last year, the Town of Gull Lake announced that it would be adopting the City of Swift Current’s Safe Places – Youth certified initiative. The Gull Lake Safe Places Committee have been working closely with the City of Swift Current Safe Places Committee on the implementation of the program in Gull Lake. The program is for anyone who comes into contact with children and youth in the community, through their business, organizations, or volunteers. It is designed to help raise awareness of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination of children and provide measures to prevent these things from happening. Program certification is portable and residents who become “Youth Certified” in Gull Lake will have their credentials recognized in Swift Current.” Businesses, Organizations that participate by having their staff trained will be given a certificate to display in their building.

Today we are pleased to announce that the program is available, online and ready to register anyone wishing to participate in the initiative. To start in the next 30 days Council Members: Mayor Blake Campbell; Councilors Dwayne Lavoie, Ed Lowenberger, Steve Haithwaite, Tim Temoshawsky, Nassar Zanidean and Town Staff will sign on to Gull Lake Safe Places Program. We will also be encouraging businesses, clubs, organizations, and volunteers in the community to participate in this important community initiative aimed at protecting our children.

For more information on how you can participate see “SAFE PLACES – YOUTH CERTIFIED-GULL LAKE” tab located under “Our Community” on the website menu.

Mayor Campbell

The Gull Lake EDC March Update

The Gull Lake Economic Development Committee was held on March 7, 2018, at Incyte Environmental. The Committee looked at the most-recent newsletter subscription activity which now stands at 100 subscribers. The Gull Lake Newsletter is designed to help Local Organizations and Businesses to get the word out about upcoming events and opportunities. There is no cost to put an event, opportunity or add in the newsletter and the more subscribers we have the further the content will go. To see the latest newsletter and subscribe go to the Gull Lake Newsletter web page!

The Committee will be working with the Tourism Committee planning a summer event to be held downtown. The possibility of having an afternoon outdoor market was also discussed. Watch for details in the coming months as planning for these events is finalized.

On Thursday, March 22nd, there will be an evening Social Media Education Session. The Beginner session will teach you how to use social media to benefit your business/organization followed by an online webinar for 30 minutes! The session is FREE and open to local businesses and organizations! More details and posters will be coming soon!

On Monday, April 16th, 2018 the Thrive Sask Visioning and Planning workshop will be held at the- at the Community Hall. Committee members will be extending personal invitations to organizations and businesses to attend. The Committee and Town Council are excited for the opportunity for Gull Lake to be able to participate in this program. The program will be a great opportunity to bring our Organizations, Businesses, Town Council, and Committee Members together to work collaboratively on ways to help strengthen our local economy.

“ThriveSask draws from elements of the Main Street Program which has been successful in revitalizing communities in Canada and the United States over the past 35 years. ThriveSask encourages communities to take steps to enact long-term change, while also implementing short-term, inexpensive and placed-based activities that support the local business sector and create a sense of enthusiasm and momentum about the community. “

Committee members were given a Community Branding Exercise by Lindsay Aliban (Economic Development Officer), and the meeting was adjourned.

Mayor Campbell


The town crew is currently clearing snow in the downtown area. Tomorrow Main Street will be cleaned from Rodger Aldag Avenue to Rutland Avenue. Snow clearing on Wednesday will be Second Street from Price to Lake Avenue and all of Lake Avenue.

If the town crew is clearing snow on your street, please be sure to move your vehicle from the street by 8am. Additionally, when possible, please try to avoid driving on streets where crews are working. We will keep everyone updated as to the snow clearing schedule on the Town Facebook, Gull Lake Events, and Twitter social media accounts.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Mayor Campbell

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