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SUMA Renews Call for Meaningful Consultation as Bill 64 Becomes Law

Today, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) renewed its call for a meaningful consultation with the provincial government, following the passage of Bill 64, An Act to amend The Power Corporation Act and The SaskEnergy Act.

With the proclamation of Bill 64 today, the provincial government has taken $33 million in annual funding from 109 Saskatchewan hometowns, beginning in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

This has been a difficult time for hometowns. They’ve been put in a very tight spot and have to make tough decisions: hike property taxes, cut services or staff, or even defer vital infrastructure projects.

SUMA is thankful that the provincial government removed Section 6 from the bill in committee – the contentious section that would have denied local governments the ability to defend legal agreements, or be compensated for this loss of revenue. We are currently in the process of consulting with legal counsel to reassess our options on this matter.

SUMA believes the provincial government’s lack of consultation on this decision affecting our hometowns simply did not work. The provincial government has promised to re-engage with us on the future of libraries, and we need a return to an open dialogue between both levels of government on municipal financing, from the ability for hometowns to generate own-source revenue to the future of municipal revenue sharing.

SUMA has more than 440 members across the province, in every provincial constituency. These hometowns are the engines of economic growth, vital to the future of Saskatchewan. We must be at the table to discuss the issues facing our cities, towns, villages, resort villages, and northern municipalities.

We look forward to participating in meaningful consultation on library funding, and on all other aspects of the provincial budget and operations that affect our members.

Source: https://suma.org/media/article/suma-renews-call-for-meaningful-consultation-as-bill-64-becomes-law

The Government of Saskatchewan Encourages Residents to Prepare In Case of an Emergency | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Plan. Prepare. Be aware. The Twenty-first Annual Emergency Preparedness Week May 7 to 13

It’s late at night when an emergency responder knocks on your door.  There was a flash flood and your community is being evacuated.  Are you ready?  What if you are advised to shelter in place?  Do you have everything you will need to take care of yourself for a minimum of 72 hours, without water or power?

“Emergencies can strike at any moment, so we’re encouraging residents to plan ahead,” Government Relations Minister Donna Harpauer said.  “Individual preparedness goes a long way to help people cope – both during and after a disaster.”

Recent trends of extreme weather have led to an increase in emergency situations such as wildfires and flooding.  Over the last two years, approximately 14,000 Saskatchewan residents were evacuated from their homes.  Others needed to shelter in place.  Many residents were also affected by tornadoes, flash floods, water advisories and dangerous animal sightings.

To get prepared for any emergency, the Government of Saskatchewan encourages residents to:

Make an evacuation plan

If you were evacuated, would you remember to take your health card, identification, and prescription medication?  Consider what you would need to take with you in an evacuation.  If you are evacuated, it is a good idea to tell your loved ones where you are going so they know you are safe.

Pack an emergency preparedness kit

Your emergency preparedness kit should have everything you and your family would need for at least 72 hours after an emergency.  Having an emergency preparedness kit on hand means you will be better equipped to care for yourself and your family – no matter what happens.

Your kit should include:

  • water;
  • non-perishable foods;
  • a flashlight;
  • batteries;
  • a radio;
  • a first aid kit;
  • prescription medications;
  • cash, and
  • copies of your family’s health cards and other identification.

For more information about preparing a 72-hour kit, visit the Government of Canada’s “Get Prepared” website at www.getprepared.gc.ca.

Check your alarms

Your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm could save your life.  Check that your alarms are installed and working properly.

Download SaskAlert

SaskAlert is Saskatchewan’s emergency alerting system that provides real-time information on emergencies as they occur so you will be able to take action to protect yourself, your family and your property.  Visit www.SaskAlert.ca or download the SaskAlert app on your android or iOS device today.

Register for Text With 911

If you or a loved one is deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, register with your wireless provider for Text With 911.

Source: The Government of Saskatchewan Encourages Residents to Prepare In Case of an Emergency | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Health Authority head office will be located in Saskatoon – CBC.ca

Saskatchewan Health Authority head office will be located in Saskatoon
“A number of locations for the head office were considered, and all would have been a good fit for the new health authority and the people of Saskatchewan,” said Minister Jim Reiter in a news release. “Saskatoon will be the location of the head office
Amalgamated Sask. Health Authority to be based in SaskatoonSaskatoon StarPhoenix

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