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Generator to be Installed at the Community Hall

Town Council has authorized the installation of a natural-gas electric generator to be installed at the Community Hall. The generator will provide power to both the hall during power outages. The generator will be installed by Packard Electric at a cost of $13,280.00.

Currently, the town has a shortage of buildings capable of providing emergency shelter for residents in the event of a prolonged power outage. The installation of the generator at the hall will greatly improve the communities ability to address this problem.  The Community Hall (Large/Small Halls) has a capacity to provide emergency shelter for 490 people. It will also benefit the hall to have power available during short outages that may occur when events are being held in the hall.

This will be the second generator installed at municipal buildings this year. Earlier this year, the Gull Lake Fire Board installed a generator at the Emergency Services Building.

Mayor Campbell

Family Doctor Week November 6 to 11, 2017

This week is Family Doctor Week in Canada, and I took the opportunity to thank Dr. Clare Kozroski for her important contributions to the health and well-being of our community. Dr. Kozroski has been a practicing physician in our community caring for residents for the past 20 years. She was elected 47th President of the Saskatchewan Medical Association in 2013 and has also served on many health-related provincial and regional committees. Dr. Kozroski is most proud of, “Representing rural residents and raising a ranch family in this corner of the province, where the deer and the antelope play!”

During my 30 years with Gull Lake EMS, I transported many of my patients to the Gull Lake Health Centre where Dr. Kozroski works. From my experience working with Clare, I can say she is a truly devoted physician who always does her very best to care for her patients.

On behalf of The Town Council, I extend sincere appreciation and thanks, to Dr. Kozroski for her 20 years of dedicated service to the residents of the Gull Lake.

Mayor Campbell

Town Council Appoints Economic Development Officer

Town Council is pleased to announce that Lindsay Aliban has agreed to serve as the Towns Economic Development Officer. Lindsay is the EDO for the village of Hazlet and currently, sits on the Board of Directors for the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association. Lindsay’s professional background and experience make her an excellent candidate for the job. Council has agreed to contract Lindsay for 10 hours a week to and work with her to establish an Economic Development Committee.

Lindsay was invited to the last council meeting to speak to council about economic development opportunities/ideas that she felt would benefit the Town of Gull Lake. She outlined three great ideas that would be of significant benefit to the community:

  1. Build and Economic Development Committee consisting of local business owners, community members, members of the council, students, senior, etc. The Committee will be responsible to increase opportunities for improved economic activity for Gull Lake.
  2. Talk to existing businesses and listen to their needs, wants, and ideas.
  3. Reach out to local Community Organizations to help with things such as Volunteer Recruitment, Event Planning, and create partnerships for employment opportunities and cost sharing (Hiring summer students).

Expect to hear more soon on the Economic Development Committee and the opportunities/projects they will be working on.

Mayor Campbell

Town Council Amends Vehicle Operation Bylaw

Every year the town receives a number of complaints regarding the parking of trailers on streets. There are complaints of detached trailers on the street as well as trailers being parked on the street for extended periods of time. To address, these issues Town Council has amended ‘ bylaw No 1-88 that regulates the operation of vehicles within the town.

Under the amendment, the parking of all types of detached trailers on town streets is prohibited. Trailers that are attached to vehicles cannot be parked on streets for more than 24 hours after which they must be removed from town streets for 48 consecutive hours.

Bylaw enforcement officers will work with residents to ensure compliance with the new amendment.

Town Council

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